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"All we want is for our family to be together!"
"That's what we want too!"
Lar Gand and J'onn J'onzz

"Distant Sun" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 27, 2017.




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Kara awakes to find Mon-El cooking breakfast, which he intended to serve her in bed, ruining the surprise. A news report shows an alien wreaking havoc in a park and Supergirl flies to handle it alone (due to Mon-El's stuff being in DEO). Kara subdues the alien.

In the DEO, J'onn is having a video conference with President Marsdin. She orders J'onn not engage the Daxamite ship under any circumstances, in order to avoid conflict with them. Alex and Maggie are out while they ran to Maggie's ex-girlfriend Emily. Both ex's feel uncomfortable, but Alex suggests a dinner so they could catch up.

During the debriefing about the subdued alien, it is learned that it was a bounty hunter, and his target was Supergirl. Someone had put a bounty on her head, and for her own safety, as well as innocents, J'onn orders Kara to lay low for 24 hours, until DEO knows more about who put up the bounty. Mon-El immediately suspects his parents put up the bounty, so he meets them in the Al's Dive Bar. However, they deny any involvement, but Mon-El is still suspicious. In a restaurant, Alex and Maggie are still waiting for Emily and conclude she's not coming, and Maggie says her relationship with her didn't end well.

Kara gets frustrated for having to sit still, but James and Winn manage to keep her in check. Mon-El arrives and tells them he went to see his parents in order to learn if they put up the bounty on Supergirl, thinking that elimination of Supergirl would make Mon-El return to his parents. Outside the apartment, a telepathic alien takes control Mon-El and forces him to attack Kara. They end up in another roof and fight each other, while also apologizing. Winn learns a bounty hunter is nearby and James goes to assist Kara in his Guardian outfit, while Winn manages to arrest the alien, with a stapler.

The alien is taken to DEO for interrogation, but he refuses to say anything. J'onn uses his own telepathic abilities and manages to break him. He reveals the bounty on Supergirl was put up by Queen Rhea of Daxam, confirming Mon-El's suspicions. While cleaning up the apartment Mon-El suggests he and Kara flee, but Kara refuses and decides to meet with Rhea in the Fortress of Solitude. Mon-El believes that people can't change, especially his parents. Kara and Mon-El attempt to convince her that Earth is where Mon-El is happy, since he has Kara and friends, who care about him. But Rhea, convinced that Kara has poisoned his son's mind, pulls out Kryptonite Sais and stabs Kara. After a short fight Mon-El gives in and decides to return to his parents, leaving Kara devastated. Mon-El demands that Rhea call off the bounty on Kara, which she does. It is also learned that Lar Gand didn't know that Rhea put up the bounty.

Alex meets up with Emily and learns that Maggie had been cheating on her, which caused the end of their relationship. When Alex speaks about this with Maggie, she feels uncomfortable, but Alex is not upset with her, rather she wants Maggie to silence the ghosts of her past.

Kara returns to DEO weakened by the Kryptonite, and begs J'onn to help her get Mon-El back. J'onn and Alex are reluctant, since J'onn is under orders by the President not to engage the Daxamites, but eventually they agree to help her. Mon-El talks with his father about the changes he intends to do when he becomes king, and tries to make his father to understand. Rhea catches them and orders Mon-El to be locked up.

Winn comes up with a plan to get to the Daxamite ship. By using the Maaldorian portal, they can teleport instantly into the ship, provided the have the right coordinates. Supergirl teleports into the ship and engages Daxamite guards. After subduing them, Rhea takes the Kryptonite Sais and attempts to stab Supergirl, but it has no effect, since this "Supergirl" was actually J'onn. Winn teleports to the prison deck and frees Mon-El and Kara goes to J'onn's aid. During the fight Lar Gand says that all they wanted was to have their family back, with J'onn countering they want their family back too, referring to Mon-El. Mon-El arrives to see Rhea harming Kara with Kryptonite and uses a guard staff to break the ship window. After the blast shield is brought in to close it, Lar Gand orders the fight to stop. Having realized that his son has made his choice about staying on Earth, he lets him go. Mon-El says that while he is glad that his parents are alive, this will be the last time they will see him, before leaving the ship with others.

Back on Earth, Alex watches as Maggie and Emily make up, and Maggie thanks Alex. President Marsdin is displeased about J'onn that he assaulted the Daxamite ship, but J'onn is willing to take the responsibility and consequences. Kara and Mon-El discuss his parents and points out that Kara was right about that people can change, since his father changed and allowed him to stay on Earth. As the Daxamites leave Earth, Lar Gand tells disappointed Rhea that Daxamites aim for happiness, and realized that Mon-El wouldn't have been happy with them. As he hugs Rhea, she stabs him and proclaims he betrayed her, and declares she's not done with Earth.




  • Alternatively, the episode title "Distant Sun" has a second meaning as "Distant Son", based on Mon-El's relationship with his parents.
  • Mon-El mentions that he's been reading Romeo and Juliet, referencing their infamous love story, before Kara reveals to him the ending, in which they both die.
  • The place where Maggie and Alex do Yoga is called Yoga Hossiers, a reference to Yoga Hosers, a movie directed by Kevin Smith, who also directed this episode.
  • Mon-El suggests that Winn is "a little short for a stormtrooper", pleasing Winn that he'd finally watched Star Wars. This references a line in the fourth film in which Princess Leia quips the same thing to her rescuer from prison, Luke Skywalker.
  • Winn tricking the telepath Hannibal with a stapler is the same trick used by Batman in Batman Begins.
  • The staff weapons wielded by the Daxamite guards are similar (both in shape and function) to drei, a Kryptonian weapon used in the story arc transitioning between seasons 3 and 4 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The whole story arc is alluded to heavily in the episodes involving Mon-El's family.


  • Mon-El goes on about Romeo and Juliet as a happy love story, until Kara tells him he hasn't reached the ending. However, the very beginning of the play describes Romeo and Juliet as a pair of star-crossed lovers who take their lives, though their deaths at least mark the end of a bloody feud between their two families.