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" Since putting on the suit, Ryan's... Ryan's made the streets safer, she's inspired the city, and she helped us find Kate, and she's done it all while having a terminal illness. I mean, if that's not a hero, what the hell is?"
Luke Fox to Mary Hamilton

"Do Not Resuscitate" is the sixth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 28, 2021.



Aaron Helzinger

Aaron Helzinger

Years ago, when Hamilton Dynamics was still owned by Catherine Hamilton-Kane, the company did human experiments on Aaron Helzinger in an attempt to cure him of his psychological problems, but the problems became worse and became potentially fatal. Aaron, dubbed Amygdala, was locked away until a cure could be found.

More recently, Hamilton Dynamics discovered that the Desert Rose cure provided by Mary Hamilton could cure cancer, but the company's scientists have been unable to duplicate the panacea. Amygdala was commissioned by Dr. Ethan Rogers to find answers from Mary.

As Mary and Jacob Kane were returning from seeing legal counsel who suggested that they should just declare Kate Kane dead, Amygdala kidnaps them and takes them to Mary's clinic to get the answers he seeks so he can be cured of his own cancer and to provide the answers that Dr. Rogers seeks.

Ethan Rogers

Ethan Rogers

Meanwhile, the pain that Ryan Wilder feels from her Kryptonite wound while operating as Batwoman is so intense, Angelique Martin takes her to Gotham General Hospital where Ryan lies and tells her doctor that she has a spider's bite. Angelique uses her money from being a drug dealer to pay for the medical bill.

When Ryan goes to work at The Hold Up, she is approached by Sophie Moore who attempts to blackmail Ryan with enough evidence to arrest Angelique on drug charges for her to place spyware on Angelique's phone to procure her supplier; Sophie knows that the supplier is Ocean and she also knows that Ocean created the fake Napier painting, so he must have the real item. The painting is needed to find Coryana. Ryan makes a deal with Sophie and ultimately installs the app in her girlfriend's phone, for the sake of Angelique's freedom, who has no desire to stop selling drugs though offered a regular job.

In an abandoned subway train car, Alice and Ocean compare notes about their missing memories and their time at Coryana. Ocean finds it preposterous that he is being blamed for Kate's disappearance. Alice talks to Safiyah Sohail who tells her that she wants Alice to kill Alice's past lover if she wants Kate. For the sake of her twin, Alice fights Ocean but they are interrupted by Sophie who tracked Ocean via the app. At gunpoint, Sophie demands the Napier painting; when Ocean burns it, the map to Coryana appears.

Mary confesses to her father that she has been running her clinic for months, to Jacob's surprise. To fool Amygdala, who is torturing Jacob, Mary calls Luke Fox, pretending he has the map to Coryana, to have him retrieve Batwoman, but Ryan is in too much pain to be full functional so Luke calls Sophie also for back-up. The women converge on the clinic and they with Jacob all fight the super-strong villain.

Suddenly, masked thugs arrive and surprise everyone by holding Sophie at gunpoint to get the map and extract Amygdala.

Garnering Mary's disapproval, Jacob begins to shut down the clinic, citing numerous reasons of how it is illegal.

Angelique and Ryan, who received a call from her doctor that she has radiation poisoning, part ways because Angelique suspects that Ryan bugged her phone.

Alice calls Safiyah and tells her that Ocean is dead after she stabs a man with Ocean's face; Safiyah wants to see the body, meaning Ocean and Alice can confront Safiyah about their selective memory loss.



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  • Sophie had Ryan use a device called a high-frequency generator receiver to spy on Angelique and learn the location of Ocean; this device was a plot point in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.
  • The components Kryptonite is made of are a reference to Superman III.


  • Mary explains to Amygdala that the antidote does not work in the second bloodstream. She should have said third because the Desert Rose cure Alice gave her was already saturated in Mary's blood when Hamilton Dynamics acquired and mass-produced it.