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"Oliver Queen is a hero. He is. He's saved this city more times than anybody can count. But he's done it all from behind a mask. So that he could take the law into his own hands. In fact, he's taken as many lives as he's saved. So, yes, Oliver Queen is a hero. That doesn't mean he's not also a criminal."
Alexa Van Owen

"Docket No. 11-19-41-73" is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2018.



"Docket No. 11-19-41-73" begins with a flashback in Kasnia. Diggle parachutes down into a gathering of officers, destroying them. He protects the detainee inside - Human Target - and requests that he help in Star City.

Oliver and Felicity show up at the preliminary. Jean Loring discloses to them that the new indictment legal counselor is extreme. Oliver requests Jean to help get him an exoneration.

Rene approaches Dinah to assist him with getting ready for the preliminary, yet she uncovers that she's avoiding as much self-incrimination as possible. The remainder of NTA attempts to conclude how to deal with the preliminary.

Arrow is met by Channel 52 news, where he consoles that Oliver isn't the Green Arrow. Toward the finish of the meeting, Laurel shows up, and uncovers that she'll tell the Green Arrow's character if she's summoned.

New Team Arrow meet with Felicity, Raisa, and William at the preliminary.

The preliminary starts. The arraignment contends that Oliver ought to be considered responsible for his criminal activities, especially as city hall leader. She contends that the city has gotten excessively degenerate, and the Oliver got into brawl. The arraignment calls Diggle as an observer, however he doesn't show.

The indictment at that point interviews Lisa Schwartz, the specialist at Starling General. She is inquired as to whether she had the option to see the Green Arrow's personality when Laurel was treated at the medical clinic, yet she says she didn't know.

Laurel and Quentin watch the preliminary on TV. Laurel gets called by Diaz to tesify. Quentin contends that Earth-1 Laurel would have confronted Diaz.

The appointed authority calls Diggle in disdain, directly before he shows up. The arraignment at that point cross examines Diggle and Dinah. Dinah is inquired as to whether she killed Sean Sonus, however she decides to remain silent.

Laurel shows up at Diaz's place, where he goes up against her about her announcement on the news. Diaz comes clean with her to uncover when she's summoned at preliminary, yet Laurel doesn't think she'll have the option to. Diaz blames Laurel for not being straightforward with him, and advises her to counterfeit it at the preliminary.

Felicity and Raisa talk about how Oliver will get past the preliminary. NTA attempts to help Rene get ready for his declaration.

Rene jumps on the stand, just to spot Diaz holding Zoe prisoner. He gives everything away about Oliver being the Green Arrow.

Rene solaces Zoe.

Diggle and Dinah confront Diaz on the town hall steps. They guarantee that they're willing to blow their spreads to stop him, however Diaz turns the whole police power on him.

Oliver asks Jean how they can legitimize Rene's declaration, however she says there isn't a way. She inquires as to whether he truly is the Green Arrow, and he uncovers that he is. She proposes that he come clean and attempt to turn it decidedly, yet he chooses it's too huge of a hazard.

Oliver discloses to Felicity that she doesn't need to affirm, yet she consents to in any case.

Felicity gets called to the stand. Jean inquires as to whether one of the photographs of Oliver as the Green Arrow is a phony, and she uncovers that it is.

The arraignment blames Felicity for hurrying her and Oliver's wedding to support the preliminary. She at that point gets some information about The Calculator and her own connections to digital wrongdoing, which she denies.

Oliver gets called to the stand, where he discloses Roy's connections to the Green Arrow. The arraignment at that point gets some information about Oliver's five years away, which he lied about already.

Out of nowhere, the Green Arrow crashes through the roof - it's Tommy Merlyn. He's put on the stand, where he clarifies that he faked his own demise as an approach to conceal his double way of life as The Hood.

The arraignment at that point gets some information about Rene's declaration, and he clarifies that Rene did as such under pressure. The appointed authority sends Tommy into care, which Diggle and Rene assist him with breaking out of. They escape in a van - where Tommy uncovers that he's actually Human Target.

Felicity meets with Oliver, where she clarifies that Human Target was the person who was imitating Tommy. Quentin comes in and uncovers that Laurel is being compelled to affirm against Oliver. Oliver and Felicity attempt to make sense of how to escape this. Felicity recommends they break him out of prison, however Oliver wouldn't like to finish that.

Laurel stands up. She's gotten some information about Oliver excursion her as the Black Canary, and if that implies Oliver is the Green Arrow. She wavers to reply.

Rene and Diggle leave the room.

Laurel tells the indictment that Tommy was the Green Arrow. She leaves the court and gets together with Quentin. He attempts to assist her with making sense of how to leave town, however she says she recognizes what to do.

Jean gives her end explanations.

The indictment gives her end proclamations, and contends that Tommy is lying for Oliver like Roy did, and shouldn't have the option to pull off it.

Curtis and Dinah wonder what will occur.

William and Felicity visit Oliver. He advises William to get ready for him being sent to prison, and that Felicity will pay special mind to him. Oliver reveals to William that he'll generally be there for him.

Jean returns, and uncovers that the jury has arrived at a decision.

The decision is conveyed - and Oliver is blameworthy on all charges. The appointed authority permits the decision to be halted, on the grounds that the proof was so clashing. Everybody embraces and celebrates.

Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and William show up in the shelter. They're drawn closer by the appointed authority - who is really Human Target. Once more. Diggle expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance.

Rene and Zoe watch a film, just to be hindered by Oliver thumping at the entryway. Oliver and Rene apologize to one another.

The adjudicator is hauled before Diaz, who blames him for bombing him. The adjudicator uncovers that he was grabbed, however Diaz shoots and slaughters him in any case.

Laurel shows up on the scene and canary cries Diaz and his men down. She goes to slaughter Diaz, yet he stops her, and uncovers that he's simply going to execute her and Oliver now.


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  • This is the highest rated episode of Season 6 with a rating of 8.7 on IMDb.
  • The name of the episode references Green Arrow's comic book debut in More Fun Comics #73, which was first released on November 19, 1941.
    • In the episode, the title itself refers to Oliver's criminal trial, officially titled The People v. Oliver Jonas Queen.
  • Curtis comments on the size of Oliver's trial as compared to O. J. Simpson's, having seen American Crime Story's first season, The People v. O. J. Simpson.
    • Curtis also mentions how he's seen every episode of the TV series Law & Order.
      • Interestingly, Marc Guggenheim previously worked on Law & Order, where he served as an executive story editor, co-producer, and producer, in addition to writing eight episodes.
      • Additionally, Rick Gonzalez, Kirk Acevedo, and Catherine Dent each played different roles in the Law & Order franchise.
  • Christopher Chance quips that he'd always wanted to say "I am Spartacus", referencing the 1960 film Spartacus. In the film, the title character gives himself up in order to protect his friends. However, he is followed by the rest of the slaves all proclaiming they are Spartacus as a show of loyalty.
  • The movie Rene and Zoe watch at the end is the 1953 film House of Wax.
  • As of this episode, the public knows about 3 things that were considered secrets in previous seasons:
    • The Arrow and Green Arrow are the same person.
    • Oliver didn't spend the whole 5 years when he was away on Lian Yu, having been in Hong Kong and Russia.
    • Roy Harper wasn't the Arrow; he just faked his death and took the blame for the real Arrow.


  • When Diggle is called to the stand, Dinah and Rene, who were both subpoenaed, are sitting in the courtroom. In real life, witnesses are not allowed in the courtroom until they have testified and been dismissed.
  • This episode states that Laurel Lance died on April 6th, 2016. However, in Beacon of Hope Thea said that the mayoral elections were on April 6th, and in Eleven-Fifty-Nine Ruvé Adams accepts her win as mayor, meaning it is April 6th or 7th. We then see Laurel die two days later, meaning Laurel's death date should be April 8th or 9th.
    • Perhaps Flashpoint changed the dates, meaning in the Pre-Flashpoint Timeline Laurel died on April 8/9th 11:59 PM, but in the Post-Flashpoint Timeline Laurel died April 6th 11:59 PM.