"A sonic wrench? Good morning, guv'nor! I'm the Doctor! Phew!"
Chester P. Runk[src]

Doctor Who, also known as simply the Doctor, is a staple fictional character on Earth-1. A series is based around the character and has at least 34 seasons.[1]


Doctor Who is a sci-fi character who is able to change into another person, of which there are were at least seven iterations, one of whom was a woman.[2] The Doctor used sonic instrument of some kind.[3]

Joanie began watching Doctor Who when the eponymous character was cast as a woman.[2]

When Chester P. Runk encountered one of Cisco Ramon's inventions, it reminded him of a "sonic wrench" and he briefly did an impression of "The Doctor".[3]



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Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Doctor Who, commonly referred to as The Doctor, is indeed a staple pop culture character from the eponymous British TV series.
    • Joanie's mention is correct: considering she was born in 1998, Cecile became pregnant with her sibling seven Doctors later, as from 1996 there were technically seven incarnations of the character, including one inserted retroactively right after Eighth Doctor, who was concurrent with Joanie's birth first appearing in 1996.
    • The Doctor is indeed often seen using a sonic instrument, albeit usually not a wrench, but a screwdriver. However, sonic wrench was once mentioned in an audio play spin-off, which is canon to main TV continuity. It is unknown whether mention just spoofed the sonic screwdriver and resulted into something already invented or writers Thomas Pound and Jeff Hersh specifically referenced the audio play.


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