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"The lesson I have prepped for today is much more simple. Life 101: there are no happy endings."
Clifford DeVoe to Barry Allen

"Don't Run" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the seventy-eighth episode overall. It aired on December 5, 2017.



"Don't Run" starts with Team Flash decorating STAR Labs, preparing for Christmas.

At the Allen home, Barry and Iris and open up their last wedding gifts. Barry goes to tidy up the rest of the wrapping paper, when Iris sees he hasn't been using his powers much as of late. When inquired as to why, Barry says he feels that he doesn't have to use his powers when around Iris.

At the Devoe family unit, Clifford is facing some hard truths fastening his cardigan — we discover that his degeneration is quickly spreading.

Caitlin — irritated with Dibny's remarks about preferring Killer Frost before — is having espresso with Wells at Jitters when the door is shattered open by Amunet, who needs to "talk with" Caitlin. She takes Caitlin from Jitters.

Somewhere else, Barry and Iris are assaulted by Devoe, who's prepared as The Thinker, complete with his floating support chair. He's ready to rapidly overwhelm Barry, before taking him hostage.

Iris strolls into the lab and tells the rest of the group that Barry's been taken. Joe responds with disclosing to her Caitlin's been taken also.

Cisco takes a stab at vibing Barry's area, however is pushed back by some psionic-like forces. He says he's never seen anything like it, when talking about the area Barry's being kept.

We see Barry in The Thinker's sanctuary; he's encircled by a type of force field.

We discover that Amunet has taken Caitlin to an operating room in an abandoned hospital. Amunet needs Caitlin's assistance attempting to save the life of another metahuman that Amunet shot. Due to the threat from Amunet stating that if the meta dies, so does Caitlin, the last agrees to help.

The new metahuman — Dominic — awakens from the sedative Amunet used, and we discover he has telepathic abilities. Caitlin consoles him that she'll do whatever she can to help save him, however she says the result looks depressing.

Back at The Thinker's den, Devoe shows up and shows himself to Barry. Barry attempts to discover The Thinker's endgame, yet the doorbell rings — Joe West has shown up.

Joe goes to the Devoe home, and Clifford approaches him without his super-suit or seat. Devoe reveals to Joe that he knows that he has reinforcements outside the entryway, and Wells walks inside the entryway.

A disappointed Joe says he's going to leave and get a warrant, so, all things considered Devoe permits him to look through his home.

Back at the den, Devoe's wife has walked closer to Barry, who's attempting to phase through the power field divider. Barry tries getting more information through her, however she doesn't agree.

Wells walks back into STAR Labs and tells the team that they looked through Devoe's entire house and discovered nothing. Dibny and Cisco — who are both baffled — nearly get into a fight, and must be separated by Iris.

Cisco and Dibny leave the lab, and Wells approaches Iris and reveals to her that in light of the fact that their assets are so constrained, it may be the better move to pick between which of the two missing colleagues — Barry or Caitlin — they should concentrate their focus on.

Back at the emergency clinic room Amunet is keeping Dominic in, Caitlin tells him that the hospital is not a good location for the medical procedure. Caitlin reminds Dominic that he has telepathic abilities, and proposes they use his powers to get away. They have attempt to escape, but are stopped by an improvised door created by Amunet.

Amunet advises a couple of cohorts to look out for Dominic while she pulls Caitlin aside. Amunet fills Caitlin in on the scalawag's past both preceding and following the atom smasher blast. She at that point repeats her request for doing the procedure on Dominic.

Dibny's attempting to get Cisco's satellite to work when the last methodologies. The two rapidly present appropriate reparations and apologize to one another. Not long after, Iris strolls in and berates the pair to turn the Speed Force satellite, since they're going to concentrate their assets on discovering Caitlin.

Back at Amunet's place, Caitlin begins the procedure on Dominic. She's ready to separate the metal from his neck, yet once she does, Dominic starts slamming.

We discover that Dominic faked the situation as path for the two to get away. They come up short on the office and are welcomed by Cisco and Dibny, who salvage the pair and take them to security.

Back at Devoe's nest, Barry's figured out how to vibrate out of his cell. That move prompts a pursuit grouping among Barry and The Thinker. Barry's ready to fix Devoe's seat to crash in the waterway, and can come back to STAR Labs.

The gathering collects and attempts to discover Devoe or his significant other, yet their facial acknowledgment programming can't get anything.

Joe makes reference to that he'd even now prefer to host a Christmas get-together and welcomes the entire group over to praise the special seasons. Dibny approaches Caitlin and apologizes for the remarks about inclining toward Killer Frost prior.

There's a thump on the entryway, and it's Dominic. Simultaneously, Barry gets an approach his telephone, and the security alert at his office is going off. He dashes off to perceive what's happening.

Glancing through his space for something topsy-turvey, Barry's telephone rings once more. This time, it's Dominic, and it's uncovered that The Thinker has moved his cognizance into Dominic's body.

Through the discussion, we discover that The Thinker has put his old body — which has been wounded — in Barry's condo, which outlines Barry for the homicide of Clifford Devoe. Sooner rather than later, Captain Singh and a SWAT group breaks into the loft and captures Barry for the homicide.



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  • The title is a reference to Barry's final line as the CCPD show up to arrest him.
  • Cisco likens Harry to Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch. In reply, Harry claims that "you're a mean one, I wouldn't touch you with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole", quoting the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from the 1966 TV special Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.
  • When Amunet prevents Caitlin from transforming into Killer Frost, she quips that "Frosty melted away", referencing the 1969 TV special Frosty the Snowman in which the protagonist is in danger of melting.
  • Cisco calls Amunet an "evil Mary Poppins", referencing her English accent.
  • The Flash suit is revealed to have kept the life-raft function that Cisco installed earlier and showed off in "Mixed Signals".
  • When DeVoe (disguised as Dominic Lanse) goes to describe the West house, Cisco suggests "bitchin'", a callback to the season premiere, "The Flash Reborn", in which a decoded message from a discombobulated Barry reads "This house is bitchin'".
  • DeVoe gains the ability of telepathy through his transferring his mind and consciousness into the body of Dominic. In the DC comics, Clifford DeVoe originally had the ability of telepathy, although Barry Allen is immune to telepathy.
  • The Thinker tells the Flash, "You should learn to lose every once in a while, Bar. A little humility will prepare you for what lies ahead." These are actually the Thinker's last dying words to Jay Garrick, the original Flash in the comics.