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"Let's be honest, the communities you're talking about didn't vote for me. I'm focusing on the ones that did."
—Donald to Ray Terrill[src]

Donald is a businessman-turned-politician and the CEO of Tulsa Fair Housing, a state-owned institution, focused on the housing problems of the city of Tulsa.


At some point, Donald became a politician and ran in an election on the platform of tax cuts. He was elected to the office and gathered the Directors Board of Tulsa Fair Housing for a discussion. The directors requested a presentation from the department in which Ray Terrill, John Trujillo and Jenny Knight worked in. When said workers arrived with the presentation, Donald cut them short and asked Ray what his name was. After getting a reply, Donald stated that after careful consideration the institution's directors decided to shut down the department Ray and others worked in to save the monetary expenses for the tax cuts. When the employees protested, saying that there are communities that rely on them, Donald smirked and replied that those communities didn't vote for him, and he'd be focusing on the ones that did.[1]


Donald possesses a confident and uncaring personality. He refused to listen to Ray's presentation and cut straight to the point, also refusing to hear any complaints. Despite socially unprotected people needing help from Ray's department, Donald didn't bother to think about them, since they probably didn't vote for him. Nevertheless, as a politician, he cared about fulfilling promises to the people who did vote for his program of tax cuts.[1]


  • Business acumen: Donald was a crafty businessman and commanded the Tulsa Fair Housing institution.[1]
  • Leadership: Donald had become a successful politician, winning the elections.[1]


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Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • Donald bears certain resemblance to a real life businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States on a platform that also included tax cuts, state budget cuts, and was also connected to real estate business. Interestingly the man is sometimes jokingly referred to as "The Donald".