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For cases of individuals fulfilling the same name or role as others through the multiverse but without looking the same, see Multiverse counterpart.
"And these other Earths, 3, 4, 5, to infinity, all of them, are nearly identical to ours. And they all exist at the same time, giving us endless alternatives to what we have here. For example, the Joe West on Earth-2, your doppelgänger, he might not be a detective. He could be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. And you, the Barry Allen here is the Flash, but over there, he could be an electrician."
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A doppelgänger is an individual that looks the same as another. In the multiversal sense, a doppelgänger typically refers to an alternate universe version of an individual. In some cases, these doppelgängers may also share similar-looking alter egos, often if they both act as vigilantes on their respective Earths, such as Earth-38's James Olsen and his Earth-X counterpart having similar-looking suits that they wear when operating in the field.

Known doppelgängers

Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name
Renee Adler Earth-1 Renee Adler Harrison Sherloque Wells' first ex-wife Unknown Earth Unnamed Harrison Sherloque Wells' second ex-wife Unknown Earth Unnamed Harrison Sherloque Wells' fourth ex-wife Unknown Earth Unnamed Harrison Sherloque Wells' fifth ex-wife Unknown Earth Unnamed
Barry Allen (Earth-1) Earth-1 Barry Allen Barry Allen (Earth-2) Earth-2 Barry Allen
Henry Allen Earth-1 Henry Allen Jay GarrickThe Flash (Jay Garrick) Earth-3 Jay Garrick/The Flash Barry Allen (Earth-90) The Flash (Earth-90) Earth-90 Barry Allen/The Flash
Nora Allen Earth-1 Nora Allen Joan Williams Earth-3 Joan Williams
Nick Anastas Earth-1 Nick Anastas Curtis and Nick's Earth-2 doppelgängers Earth-2 Unnamed
Anthony Bellows Earth-1 Anthony Bellows Tony Bellows Earth-90 Tony Bellows
Adrian Chase Prometheus Earth-1 Adrian Chase/Prometheus Adrian Chase (Earth-2) The Hood (Earth-2) Earth-2 Adrian Chase/The Hood
Zoey Clark Prank Earth-1 Zoey Clark/Prank Zoey Clark (Earth-90)Prank (Earth-90) Earth-90 Zoey Clark/Prank
Brett Collins (Earth-1) Earth-1 Brett Collins Brett Collins (Earth-2) Earth-2 Brett Collins
John CorbenMetallo (John Corben) Earth-38 John Corben/Metallo Metallo (Earth-X) Earth-X "Metallo"
Alex Danvers (Earth-1) Earth-1 Alex Danvers Alex Danvers Earth-38 Alex Danvers
Kara DanversSupergirl Earth-38 Kara Danvers/Supergirl Kara (Earth-X)Overgirl Earth-X Kara/Overgirl
Dinah Drake Earth-1 Dinah Drake Dinah Drake (Earth-2) Earth-2 Dinah Drake
Henry Hewitt Earth-1 Henry Hewitt Henry Hewitt (Earth-2) Earth-2 Henry Hewitt
Curtis Holt Earth-1 Curtis Holt Curtis and Nick's Earth-2 doppelgängers Earth-2 Unnamed
James Jesse (Earth-1)James Jesse (Earth-1) as the Trickster Earth-1 James Jesse/The Trickster The Trickster (Earth-3) Earth-3 "The Trickster" James Jesse (Earth-90)The Trickster (Earth-90) Earth-90 James Jesse/The Trickster
Jenny Knight Earth-1 Jenny Knight Phantom Lady Earth-X "Phantom Lady"
Shay Lamden (Earth-1) Earth-1 Shay Lamden Shay Lamden (Earth-2) Earth-2 Shay Lamden
Laurel Lance (Earth-1)Black Canary (Laurel Lance) Earth-1 Laurel Lance/Black Canary Laurel Lance (Earth-2)Black SirenBlack Canary (Earth-2) Earth-2 Laurel Lance/Black Siren/Black Canary Laurel Lance (Earth-X)Siren-X Earth-X Laurel Lance/Siren-X
Quentin Lance Earth-1 Quentin Lance Sturmbannführer Earth-X Unnamed
Floyd Lawton Earth-1 Floyd Lawton Floyd Lawton (Earth-2) Earth-2 Floyd Lawton
Tina McGee (Earth-1) Earth-1 Tina McGee Tina McGee Earth-90 Tina McGee
Julio Mendez (Earth-1) Earth-1 Julio Mendez Julio Mendez Earth-90 Julio Mendez
Malcolm Merlyn Earth-1 Malcolm Merlyn Malcolm Merlyn (Earth-2) Earth-2 Malcolm Merlyn
Tommy Merlyn Earth-1 Tommy Merlyn Tommy Merlyn (Earth-2) Dark Archer (Earth-2) Earth-2 Tommy Merlyn/Dark Archer Tommy Merlyn (Earth-X) Prometheus (Earth-X) Earth-X Tommy Merlyn/Prometheus
Jimmy Earth-1 Jimmy James OlsenGuardian Earth-38 James Olsen/Guardian James Olsen's Earth-X doppelgängerJames Olsen's Earth-X doppelgänger masked Earth-X Unnamed
Linda Park Earth-1 Linda Park Linda Park (Earth-2) Earth-2 Linda Park
Moira Queen Earth-1 Moira Queen Moira Queen (Earth-2) Earth-2 Moira Queen
Oliver Queen The Arrow Green Arrow Earth-1 Oliver Queen/The Hood/The Arrow/Green Arrow Oliver (Earth-X)Dark Arrow Earth-X Oliver/Dark Arrow Earth-16 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Thea Queen Earth-1 Thea Queen Thea Queen's death report Earth-2 Thea Queen
Rene Ramirez Earth-1 Rene Ramirez Rene Ramirez (Earth-2) Earth-2 Rene Ramirez
Cisco RamonVibe Earth-1 Cisco Ramon/Vibe Francisco RamonReverb Earth-2 Francisco Ramon/Reverb Cisco Ramon (Earth-19)Echo Earth-19 Cisco Ramon/Echo Vibe (Earth-X) Earth-X "Vibe"
Dante Ramon Earth-1 Dante Ramon Dante Ramon (Earth-2) Earth-2 Dante Ramon
Ronnie RaymondFirestorm (Ronnie Raymond) Earth-1 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm Ronnie Raymond (Earth-2)Deathstorm Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm
Al Rothstein (Earth-1) Earth-1 Al Rothstein Al Rothstein (Earth-2) Earth-2 Al Rothstein
Winn Schott Earth-38 Winn Schott Winn Schott (Earth-X) Earth-X Winn Schott
David Singh Earth-1 David Singh Singh Earth-2 Singh
Eddie Slick (Earth-1) Earth-1 Eddie Slick Eddie Slick (Earth-2) Earth-2 Eddie Slick
Felicity Smoak Earth-1 Felicity Smoak Felicity Smoak's Earth-X doppelgänger Earth-X Unnamed
Leonard SnartCaptain Cold Earth-1 Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Leo SnartLeo Snart in costume Earth-X Leo Snart
Caitlin SnowKiller Frost (Caitlin Snow) Earth-1 Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost Killer Frost Earth-2 Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
Ray TerrillThe Ray Earth-1 Ray Terril/The Ray The Ray (Earth-X) Earth-X "The Ray"
John Trujillo Earth-1 John Trujillo Black Condor Earth-X John
Harrison Wells (Earth-1) Earth-1 Harrison Wells Harrison Wells (Earth-2) Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells Harrison Wolfgang Wells Earth-12 Harrison Wolfgang Wells Wells the Grey Earth-13 Wells the Grey Harrison Wells (Earth-17) Earth-17 Harrison Wells Harrison Wells (Earth-19) Earth-19 Harrison "H.R." Wells Wells 2.0 Earth-22 Wells 2.0 Sonny Wells Earth-24 Harrison "Sonny" Wells H.P. Wells Earth-25 Harrison "H.P." Wells H. Lothario Wells Earth-47 H. Lothario Wells Harrison Sherloque Wells Earth-221 Harrison Sherloque Wells Harrison Nash Wells Unknown Earth Harrison Nash Wells Hells Wells Unknown Earth Hells Wells Harrison Wells (Francophone) Unknown Earth Harrison Wells
Iris West-Allen Earth-1 Iris West-Allen Iris West-Allen (Earth-2) Earth-2 Iris West-Allen
Joe West Earth-1 Joe West Joseph West Earth-2 Joseph West
Hunter Zolomon (Earth-1) Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon Hunter Zolomon Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon

Unseen doppelgängers

Though at least one of the pair have never been seen, the following individuals and their respective equivalents are presumed to be doppelgängers:

Earth Name Earth Name Earth Name
Earth-1 Nora Allen Earth-2 Unnamed
Earth-1 Henry Allen Earth-2 Unnamed
Earth-1 Beyoncé Earth-2 Beyoncé Knowles Earth-38 Beyoncé
Earth-1 Mariah Carey Earth-38 Mariah Carey
Earth-1 Al Capone Earth-19 Al Capone
Earth-1 Damien Darhk Earth-2 Damien Darhk
Earth-1 John Diggle Earth-90 John
Earth-1 Adam Fells/Geomancer Earth-2 Adam Fells/Geomancer
Earth-1 F. Scott Fitzgerald Earth-38 F. Scott Fitzgerald
Earth-1 Grodd Earth-19 Gorilla Grodd
Earth-1 Carter Hall Earth-90 Carter Hall
Earth-1 Ethan Rhys Helbing Earth-38 Ethan Rhys Helbing
Earth-1 Alfred Hitchcock Earth-19 Hitchcock
Earth-1 Adolf Hitler Earth-38 Hitler Earth-X Hitler
Earth-1 P. Isley Earth-38 Pamela Isley
Earth-1 Genghis Khan Earth-90 Genghis Khan
Earth-1 Quentin Lance Earth-2 Unnamed
Earth-1 Sara Lance Earth-2 Unnamed Earth-X Unnamed
Earth-1 Lilith Earth-38 Lilith
Earth-1 Malcolm Merlyn Earth-X Unnamed
Earth-1 Rebecca Merlyn Earth-X Unnamed
Earth-1 Shaquille O'Neal Earth-19 Shaquille O'Neal
Earth-1 Elvis Presley Earth-90 Elvis
Earth-1 Oliver Queen Earth-2 Oliver Queen
Earth-1 Robert Queen Earth-2 Robert Queen
Earth-1 Raisa Earth-2 Raisa
Earth-1 Keanu Reeves Earth-38 Keanu Reeves
Earth-1 Mick Rory Earth-X Mick Rory
Earth-1 Felicity Smoak Earth-2 Felicity Smoak
Earth-1 Patty Spivot Earth-2 Patty Spivot
Earth-1 Walter Steele Earth-2 Walter
Earth-1 Martin Stein/Firestorm Earth-2 Martin Stein/Deathstorm
Earth-1 Carla Tannhauser Earth-2 Unnamed
Earth-1 Bruce Wayne Earth-2 Bruce Wayne Earth-38 Bruce Wayne
Earth-1/Earth-2 "Weird Al" Earth-19 Alfred Yankovic
Earth-1 Ben West Earth-2 Unnamed
Earth-1 Kanye West Earth-38 Kanye
Earth-1 Unnamed Earth-2 Ashley Zolomon
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