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For the Arrowepisode, see "Doppelganger".
For cases of individuals fulfilling the same name or role as others through the multiverse but without appearing the same, see multiverse counterpart.

Cisco Ramon and Francisco Ramon[src]

Conceptually, a doppelgänger is an individual that looks the same as another. In the multiversal sense, a doppelgänger typically refers to an alternate universe version of an individual. In some cases, these doppelgängers may also share identical roles/occupations on their respective Earths, such as Earth-38's James Olsen and his Earth-X counterpart having similar-looking suits that they wear when operating in the field as vigilantes.

Doppelgängers do not always share the same name or appearance, and can be considered a multiverse counterpart. For example, Barry Allen of Earth-90 looks like the Henry Allen of Earth-1 while Henry's Earth-3 doppelgänger is named Jay Garrick. Furthermore, the Clark Kents of Earth-38, 96, and 167 all have different appearances; in the case of Earth-96 Clark Kent, he looks exactly like Ray Palmer from Earth-1. Also, Lois Lane on Earth-167 looks exactly like Alura Zor-El on Earth-38.

Even if doppelgängers look alike, they don't always share the same birthdate, as evidenced by Thea Queen of Earth-1 being nine months and three days younger than her late Earth-2 counterpart. Doppelgängers can also bear different genders on some Earths, such as Earth-Prime's Brainiac 5 and Earth-TUD16's Brainiac 5. Additionally, some people may not have doppelgängers on certain Earths due to extenuating circumstances.[1][2]

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