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For the concept of the same name, see Doppelgänger.
"Laurel Lance. She died in this hospital."
"I pronounced her. There was an autopsy. Of course, I've seen my share of things I once would have considered miraculous. I mean, in a world where a man can run faster than light, I suppose anything's possible."
Dinah Drake and Dr. Elisa Schwartz

"Doppelganger" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirtieth episode overall. It aired on March 8, 2018.



"Doppelganger" begins with Thea strolling into Oliver's office with his lawyer. Oliver's lawyer uncovers that with Cayden James done, the examiners don't have a body of evidence against Rene, and thusly, they won't have an argument against Oliver. Oliver's lawyer figures the examiner won't have a decision however to excuse the charges against Oliver.

Laurel, as Black Siren, goes to the police headquarters, where detectives assemble to ask her questions. She's asked whether Oliver is the Green Arrow, and she doesn't react to the columnist's inquiries.

Oliver pulls Laurel aside and questions her about the cash. Laurel says when she went to get everything out from the bank, it was at that point gone, and she believes either Ricardo Diaz or Anatoly got to it before she did.

Laurel uncovers to Oliver, Thea, and Lance that with an end goal to secure herself, she's going to cooperate with the Laurel Lance shtick. She persuades the team into cooperating with her. In the event that they don't, she'll uncover Oliver's secret identity to the press.

Dinah strolls into her supervisor's office and requests to be put on the Laurel Lance return case. Curtis goes to Rene's condo to converse with his daughter. He informs her about her dad being harmed.

Oliver, his lawyer, and the examiner are meeting with the adjudicator to discuss the charges against Oliver. While contending for excusal, Oliver and his lawyer are stunned the indictment has another witness other than Rene: Roy Harper.

Oliver and Thea return to the Arrowcave to discuss their best course of action with Felicity and Diggle. Oliver pushes his group to attempt to discover Roy's whereabouts, so they can interrogate him concerning what he knows.

Oliver, who's there to shield his ex-girlfriend's doppelganger from Dinah, visits Laurel in the emergency clinic.

Dinah stands watch outside of the room, going over stuff with a doctor. The doctor reveals to Dinah that she pronounced Laurel dead and sent her body to the funeral home for a post-mortem.

Dinah needs to address Laurel, and when her and Lance return into the room, they find that she's been taken by a cop. Outside, Laurel is dragged away to Ricardo Diaz's fort.

Oliver and Diggle have pinpointed Roy's whereabouts and go to investigate the area.

Laurel's taken to talk with Diaz, but is instead welcomed by Anatoly. She takes a stab at persuading the Russian that Diaz has had his own plan this entire time.

Oliver and Diggle return to the Arrowcave to get ready, and with them being there, Thea persuades her brother to release her. Oliver and Thea head out to Roy's area, where two of Diaz's corrupt cops are tormenting him, attempting to persuade him to answer.

The corrupt cops leave, and Thea sneaks into the space to free Roy. She cuts him free, and the two kiss. Diggle and Felicity call into Thea to tell her the Star City SWAT group has investigated into the area and to reveal to her she needs to leave.

Reluctant to leave Roy, Thea has a choice to remain behind, yet is hauled away by her brother.

The team rendezvous back at the Arrowcave, and Diggle uncovers that they're moving Roy to another safehouse, yet he doesn't know where.

At the police division the following day, Oliver advises Lance and Dinah that Felicity discovered the Star City Police Department has concealed the homicide of Cayden James. He discloses to them that few individuals from the police division are on Diaz's side.

In the wake of discovering a few of her fellow cops are corrupt, Dinah consents to rat Oliver and Lance to out those officials who are on Diaz's side.

Anatoly takes Laurel to converse with Diaz, and reveals to Laurel that Diaz has an arrangement to assume complete control of the city.

Team Arrow discovers that Diaz's men are moving, so Roy, and Oliver and Thea go to stop the van. At the point when they arrive to stop it, they discover they've been tricked, and the van is vacant. Roy is now at Diaz's lair.

Diaz begins getting annoyed that Roy isn't revealing where he is and takes steps to hurt Thea.

Oliver and Dinah are drinking at the police department when there's a knock on the entryway — it's Laurel. She says she's come back to inform them about Ricardo Diaz.

Oliver converses with Thea, attempting to promise her that they'll discover and spare Roy.

Team Arrow meets at Lance's place, where Laurel discloses to them the entirety of Diaz's plan to assume control over the city, and reveals that Roy has been taken to a deserted casino. Oliver calls Diggle to let him know, and the group gets ready to go get him.

Oliver, Thea, and Diggle head to the casino, and the trio contend on whether to catch Diaz or spare Roy. Oliver says they'll make the two alternatives their essential target. Oliver takes out two monitors outside, and cautioned by their quality, Diaz arranges his thugs to move Roy.

The trio finds Diaz, but they're trapped by a team of furious thugs.

Felicity cautions the group that one of Diaz's cops alarmed the remainder of the police office, and crews of officials have been sent to the casino.

Thea finds Diaz outside, and she's soon joined by her brother. The two are able to stop him, with Thea sparing Roy and Oliver abandoning Diaz for the cops to discover.

They take Roy back to the Arrowcave, and they find him to have a couple of broken ribs.

Oliver goes to the Lance family hideout to converse with Laurel. He expresses gratitude toward her for not setting Team Arrow up by advising them to go to the casino. Oliver leaves, and Laurel's telephone hums, it's a message from Diaz. He advises her "great work."

Thea and Roy return to her place, and begin getting close again. Outside the window, an individual from the League of Assassins keeps an eye on the pair.


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  • This is the first episode to feature Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in 2 years since "Unchained"​.
  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Rick Gonzalez (Rene Ramirez) after being promoted to a series regular and the third absence overall since his first appearance.
  • The title refers to Black Siren pretending to be her Earth-1 counterpart.
  • Diaz refers to Thea dressing up like Will Scarlet, a character of English folklore. While a reference to Speedy's wearing red as opposed to Green Arrow's green, Will Scarlet is prominently known as the most skilled swordsman of the Merry Men, a nod to the fact that Speedy carries a sword.
  • Felicity makes mention of "huffing and puffing and blowing [...] firewalls down", referencing the infamous line from the fable The Three Little Pigs.
  • This episode features a couple nods to Green Arrow's New 52 Vol. 5 arc "Broken".
    • Diaz kidnaps and interrogates Roy. In the comics, Diaz interrogates John Diggle as part of his plan to humiliate him and Green Arrow and take back the city after the two ruined his father.
    • Kimberly Hill mentioned raising $30 million by selling the items that were seized from Cayden James by the SCPD. The $30 million in the comics was the bounty put on Green Arrow by Diaz.
  • The building Team Arrow attacks with the "casino" sign on top is actually the old train depot located in downtown Detroit.
  • The abandoned casino Diaz is operating out of is the Edgewater Casino in Vancouver, which had in fact shut down operations a few months earlier. The roof shots earlier where Thea tires to save Roy from the police are the same location.


  • Oliver claims Green Arrow told him that Laurel was Black Canary. However in "Canary Cry", Oliver announced at her funeral that Laurel told him her secret identity herself before dying.