"I know, baby, this can't be you."
—Doris Chase to her husband upon learning he is Prometheus[src]

Doris Chase (died March 15, 2017) was the wife of the late Adrian Chase.


At some point in her life, Doris met and fell in love with Adrian Chase, who later became her husband.

On Christmas Eve in 2016, Doris was unable to accompany her husband to City Hall's holiday party due to coming down with a cold.[1]

In March 2017, when a gunman attacked City Hall and shot Adrian, Doris went to see her husband at Starling General Hospital. He recovered and insisted on going back to work immediately, but Doris protested, concerned about Adrian's well-being. Mayor Oliver Queen and his chief of staff, Thea Queen, later arrived and were introduced to Doris. They promised to find the gunman and also urged Adrian to relax. He acquiesced and rested under Doris's watch.[2]

Several weeks later, Doris encountered Green Arrow when he stormed Adrian's house. The vigilante tried to tell Doris that her husband was the Throwing Star Killer but she refused to listen, terrified, and demanded he leave. She was then rescued by an ESU unit of the SCPD, who were called by her husband. At City Hall, Doris watched as Adrian gave a speech regarding Green Arrow's actions and Oliver announced a shoot-on-site order against the vigilante if he didn't surrender to the police in 24 hours.

Shortly after, Doris was brought by Green Arrow and Spartan to Adrian. Seeing Adrian in his Prometheus costume, Doris realized the truth, much to her shock and horror. She urged her husband to give himself up and stop his crusade. Adrian seemingly agreed and they embraced, but he suddenly stabbed her in the stomach with a butterfly knife. Spartan rushed Doris outside to an ambulance, but she died on the way to Starling General.[3]


Doris's murder was wrongfully pinned on Green Arrow, adding to the vigilante's criminal status.[3]

Despite being a psychopath, Adrian harbored some genuine, yet twisted, love for Doris; he blamed Oliver for her death, claiming he wouldn't have had to kill his wife if the vigilante archer hadn't gotten Doris involved.[4] Adrian used this to justify kidnapping Oliver's son, William Clayton.[5]

Doris's death was avenged when Adrian killed himself on May 17, 2017, upon the failure of his plans.[6] The truth about her murder was presumably revealed to the public.



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Doris Brinkley Chase was the wife of Adrian Chase and the mother of their children. Their deaths were the catalyst for him to become Vigilante. She first appeared in Vigilante #2.
    • Also, in the comics, Doris is Caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes.


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