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Dorothy "Dot" Heywood is the wife of the late Hank Heywood and the mother of Nate Heywood.


Early life

Dorothy was born in Washington, D.C. as the daughter of Violet and the sister of Rich. Her father's identity is unknown.

At some point, Dorothy married Hank Heywood and had a son named Nate, who was hemophiliac.

When Nate was five years old and accidentally cut his knee, Dot didn't let him out of their house until he was sixteen.[1]

Around late October every year, Dot and Hank go to Martha's Vineyard.

After Nate joined the Legends, Dot and Hank barely received any messages from him.[2]


Aberrant timeline: In the Legion of Doom's alternate reality, presumably, when Nate was of legal age, Dorothy let him stay in her basement as long as he paid rent. She read about Nate's blogs on the scars of that reality. While the woken Legends were on the run from the Legion of Doom, they constructed a plan in Dorothy's basement. Dorothy made them sandwiches, which Mick and Jax complimented on as according to Nate, it had the perfect mayo, meat, and bread ratio. She even prepared gluten-free bread for Ray.

Current timeline: These events was erased when Sara Lance removed the powers of the Spear of Destiny.[3]

Nate comes home

Around October 2018, Dot and Hank planned to go to Martha's Vineyard as it was their yearly tradition, when Hank was offered a job at The Pentagon and the two decided to still stay at their house in Washington, D.C.

Dot hugging Nate after not seeing him for two years.

In the middle of the night on October 22, 2018 at the Heywood residence, Dot saw Hank go downstairs and when she caught up with him, she saw her husband pointing a rifle at and reporting Nate and Mick, who attempted to rob the house. To Mick's bewilderment, Dot stopped Hank, hugged her son, and greeted the addled arsonist, who stole one of Hank's great grandmother's silver candlesticks, to which Dot complimented on his exquisite taste for silver and learned his name. Dot explained their presence and Hank's new job, and Nate and Mick were just about to leave, when Dot insisted on inviting them, along with Hank, to have a midnight snack of her sandwiches.

Dot commended Mick on his sandwich-eating skills and learned that he gained muscles from prison, to which she nervously laughed off and excused herself out of the kitchen. She later returned when Nate bade farewell, only to see him leave once more.[2]

Thanksgiving 2018

When Ava Sharpe came to join the Nate's family's Thanksgiving dinner at the Heywood residence in D.C., she was greeted by Hank and Dot, who hugged her affectionately. Dot then heard and saw her brother Rich pouring and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, to which Hank took care of. She invited Ava to let her show Nate around the house and went off to finish brining the turkey. She declared the state of their meal to everyone, to their disappointment.

While preparing the turkey, Dot and Hank heard the drunk Rich topple a plant and break the pot, when his daughter Patty asked him on where her children Chris and Tyson were. Rich recalled seeing them down in the basement playing with Nate's old air rifle, when Tyson suddenly cried out and Patty and Dot rushed to their aid.

The family having Thanksgiving dinner.

After about six hours, Dot finally finished preparing the turkey and, when Nate was missing from the kitchen, decided to wait for him to return from the bathroom. After Ava listed everything that she and everyone were thankful for, the famished family decided to get the meal started already. In Dot's perspective, she then saw Hank Heywood and Ava successfully find and call Nate from the bathroom, and the family finally ate their Thanksgiving meal.[4]


In contrast to her husband, Hank Heywood, Dot is a cheerful person, when Mick Rory revealed that he was formerly incarcerated, she just laughed it off and took it lightheartedly as a joke, although sometimes, this trait of her can cause her to be absent-minded, as evident when she didn't plan the preparation of the turkey on Thanksgiving and her family waited for about six hours.

Dot is affectionate, even towards people she just met, when Mick and Ava Sharpe came into her home, respectively, she warmly welcomed them with open arms, regardless of other people's notions, Dot is understanding, as she didn't judge Rory for stealing their antique silver candlestick. When she finally saw her son, Nate Heywood again after 2 years, she just hugged him affectionately and was more worried about him than angry.[2][4]


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