The Dr Light suit is a suit worn by Linda Park while she operated as her alter-ego, Dr Light. This suit was also later used by Linda's Earth-1 counterpart as part of a failed attempt to trick Zoom.


Linda Park posing as Dr. Light.

While the identity of the suit's creator is unknown, the Dr Light Suit was made sometime prior to late 2015 on Earth-2. Linda Park was wearing the suit when Zoom stranded her on Earth-1. Linda continued wearing the suit during her attempts to kill the Flash, though she was eventually defeated and captured; the suit then came into the possession of Team Flash.[1]

Erased future

In the erased future that Nora West-Allen hailed from, at some point in or before 2032, the Dr. Light suit was put on display in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains.[2]


  • Identity concealment: The mask allows it user to conceal their identity and stay anonymous.
  • Compressed light projection: When the suit was used in order to draw out Zoom, Cisco Ramon improved the gloves to shoot compressed light beams in an attempt to mimic the meta-human powers of Earth-2's Linda Park.

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