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"Have you considered actual dragons as the guilty party?"
John Constantine[src]

Dragons are fire-breathing reptilian creatures in the multiverse.


Dragons are considered to be mythological beings, largely a fable to most people on Earth-1. However, on Earth-38 they can be classified as an alien species, and on Earth-47 as farm animals. Mythology on Earth-1 depicts dragons with four legs and two extra limbs bearing wings (as seen on the flag of Wales), although a fully grown dragon hasn't been seen in flesh so far. Meanwhile, the dragons of Earth-38 have two legs and two wings. Both types of dragons are known to possess fire-breathing powers. On Earth-13, dragons are implied to be slain, as their skin is used to sheath written letters.[1]



From ancient times, dragons were persistent in mythologies around the world including China.[2] At some point in time dragon has become a symbol of Wales. Later while Heddwich was established as a Welsh mining town in the USA, it become town's symbol as well.[3] Existing since at least 2013 Jade Dragon Restaurant in Starling City used dragons in its name and imagery such as neon signs.[2]

In 2014, unofficially investigating the mysterious death of Lannis Cadogan, who burnt to death in a shower, John Constantine visited Sully's Tavern, suggesting to Ellis McGee that dragons might be the actual "guilty party" behind the death and asking his opinion as a preacher about it.[3]

Severed dragon head.

In 2018 John Constantine confronted the Legends with a dragon's severed head, revealing that they unleashed a number of other mystical beings when they released the demon Mallus from his realm to defeat him.[4] Later on, in an alternate timeline version of 2018, the Custodians of the Chronology have put on a similar dragon's head as one of their trophies on the Waverider.[5]

Wickstable and Tabitha.

In late 2019, Zari and Nate found a dragon egg in one of their missions. He was taken care of by them and nicknamed Wickstable by Nate,[6] but Zari forgot the egg in his house from the past and he hatched.[7] After he was born, Zari's younger self took him to school, where he was captured by the Time Bureau. Later, Tabitha took Wickstable to Heyworld and turned him into an adult dragon to scare people but Zari managed to get him back on track, so he devoured Tabitha and returned to his youthful form.[8]


In November 2017, a griffin delivered a letter sheathed in dragon skin to Wells the Grey, which was actually supposed to be sent to the Claus of the North, as the letter contained a child's list of desired gifts.[1]


Supergirl fighting Spike in his Dracokardosian form.

In Earth-38, there is a dragon-like alien species called Dracokardosians. In 2018, a Dracokardosian known as Spike served as the guardian of a family, shapeshifting between a monitor lizard form and his true draconic form. The dragon was discovered by the anti-alien Children of Liberty patrol, identified by their barking dog. The group assumed that the family living in the house were the aliens and attacked them. Alana, the family's child, pleaded Spike to help. Spike transformed into a Dracokardosian and scared off the organization, raging across the streets of National City. Supergirl eventually calmed Spike down and he reverted to his lizard form.[9]

In December 2019, Spike escaped and began to terrorize National City but was quickly stopped by Supergirl.[10]


In 2018, Breacher planned to spend his retirement at a dragon farm on the Earth of Earth-47.[11]


A Dracokardosian in Obsidian Platinum.

After the crisis, events from both Earths 1 and 38 were merged into Earth-Prime.[12] In 2020, after the events at Heyworld, the existence of dragons was proven and reported on Channel 52.[13] A Dracokardosian's simulation was created in Obsidian Platinum.[14][15] The simulation lost control and started attacking people but was defeated by Alex Danvers.[16]

Known dragons

Powers and abilities

A flag of Wales seen in Sully's Tavern, Heddwich depicting a fire-breathing dragon.


  • Fire breathing: In most cases dragons are attributed to have a power of breathing fire.[3][9]
  • Shape-shifting: On Earth-38, one dragon had shown to be able to change between his true form and that of a monitor lizard.[9]


  • Animal strength: Dragons possess a great strength, proportional to that of an animal of their size.[9]
  • Self-propelled flight: Dragons' unique physiology allows them to fly.[9]



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