Dragos Ibanescu[1] was a member of the Quadrant.


Dragos Ibanescu attended a meeting of the Quadrant at Villa Centanni. He watched on as Ricardo Diaz killed Remy Cartier for a spot amongst them, before he gave a business proposal.[2]

Having killed Lydia Cassamento, Diaz summoned Ibanescu and Cyrus Broderick to Star City Police Department, killing Ibanescu when he wouldn't give his loyalty to Diaz's cause.[3]


  • Quadrant ring: Each of the Quadrant's leaders wear a squared ring with four dots at the corners in order to identify themselves.



Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Dragos Ibanescu is a small Romanian crime lord who operates in the East End of Gotham City, as an enemy of Catwoman and Batman.
  • Peter Ciuffa was incorrectly credited as "Dragos Ibanesco" in "The Dragon".


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