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"Dream Weaver" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-fifteenth episode overall. It aired on August 31, 2021.



Nia strolls through a hazy woodland and sees her mom somewhere far off with an owl. At the point when Nia goes to move toward her, however, she's trapped on a branch and can't contact her mom. Sneaking in the shadows is Nyxly. This is across the perfect board.

The Super Friends (without Lena and Brainy who are both away) are having a game evening. Kelly has a new position as a social laborer and she discloses to them that she has a customer who is a little fellow with EMP powers who is making some unpleasant memories that she's gathering tomorrow. At CatCo, Andrea needs Nia, Kara and William to basically follow to Super Friends to get elite meetings, regardless it takes all for the sake of appraisals. Nia falls asleep in the gathering and Andrea sends her home. She gives William and Kara 24 hours to get a Super Friend meet or something bad might happen.

J'onn considers Supergirl to a truck theft that seems to have been completed by two specific kinds of outsiders - Metalimites and Obscurans - who have all the earmarks of being cooperating for various heists. They are clearly constructing a bomb.

Kelly appears at the gathering home for work with her customer, Joey. The lady running the home faults his sibling, Orlando, who is in jail. Kelly finds that the house has the youngsters wearing force hosing sleeves. Kelly meets with Joey. Joey is hesitant to talk until Kelly imparts to him about her sibling, Jimmy. Joey opens up and says that he thinks something is off-base with Orlando. It appears to be that on the off chance that they utilize their forces excessively, they become ill and Orlando is utilizing his forces a lot at his jail work. Joey likewise says his sibling is just in prison since his sibling attempted to take cash to get them a spot to live after their folks passed on. Kelly guarantees Joey she will keep an eye on Orlando and it will be OK.

Kelly informs Alex and Supergirl regarding Joey and his interests about Orlando. Kara had recently done a piece on the jail's additional opportunity work program and needs Kara's assistance in talking with the superintendent to discover what is happening.

At home, Nia returns into her fantasy and attempts to contact her mom once more, however again can't. This time, Nyxly mediates and wakes her in the fantasy. Nyxly says she's trapped in Nia's fantasies and needs her assistance and that Nia needs hers. Nia claims she was ousted from her reality and got caught in the fantasy domain, however she doesn't have her forces. Nyxly reveals to Nia she can show her fantasies in reality and attempts to urge her to do as such, saying she will put everything on the line to help her. On the off chance that Nia gets Nyxly out of the fantasy domain, Nyxly will bring her mom resurrected for one day. An owl then, at that point, assaults Nyxly and Nia awakens.

At Van Kull jail, Kara and Kelly meet with the superintendent and get some information about the additional opportunity program. Kelly educates him regarding her interests, yet the superintendent guarantees that there have been no issues that he knows about. He brings down Orlando's name and says he will look into it. Kelly requests to see Orlando, however the superintendent says it's a fourteen day cycle to demand a visit. Kara conspires a little, but and can discover that Orlando is taking off to his work task so they notice him leaving and notice how hopeless he looks. Kara gets ready and follows. J'onn before long appears. Ends up, outsiders are being pulled from the worksite and they find that they are being compelled to take without wanting to. They dissipate, however, when Supergirl and J'onn go to stop them.

On the news, the superintendent makes it sound like the detainees grabbed the official with them so presently the Super Friends know that something detestable is going on. They choose to begin attempting to follow the outsider energy marks. Kelly is vexed, believing she's exacerbated it for Orlando. Alex advises her that she won't ever surrender. Kelly enlightens Alex regarding her dread vision and that she was made to figure she could never be sufficient or ready to contend on the grounds that she had no forces. She additionally clarifies how she crushed the great apparition in the dread vision by securing them and Alex discloses to her that she's a defender.

At the jail, Kara tells the superintendent that there is debasement in the fresh opportunities program, yet he's reluctant to pay attention to her and doesn't need her to go on the record since he doens't need his program shut down.

In Nia's fantasy, she again attempts to move toward her mom yet Nyxly intercedes once more. Nia turns down Nyxly's arrangement and says Imps are not reliable. Nyxly begs her. The owl returns and discloses to her that boneheads follow others and Nyxly attempts to ruin the owl. The owl assaults Nyxly again and Nia awakens.

Kara requests that William have his CIA companion do a profound jump on the jail superintendent. Andrea bothers them about not yet getting a meeting with an individual from the Super Friends. Kara stands up against Andrea's evaluations hungry fixation yet wastes time. Afterward, William's source discovers that the superintendent has been paid off and is in all in all plan at the jail. Intergang is behind the entire plan. They're making a messy bomb.

The Super Friends discover where the outsiders are being held. J'onn and Supergirl appear and manage the bad officials, however the detainees aren't willing to go with the legends. They don't believe that Supergirl simply needs to help. Orlando says she doesn't comprehend and that the framework couldn't care less. Supergirl reveals to him that in the event that he goes on the run, he and his sibling won't ever know harmony. Supergirl vows to ensure their voices are heard.

William interviews Supergirl for CatCo who advocates for the detainees in the meeting.

Kelly goes to the gathering home to see Joey and witnesses the one who runs it smothering his forces and causing him torment. The lady doesn't appear to mind when Kelly proposes that she will educate those in control concerning her merciless strategies, asserting nobody has the opportunity to actually look at video or care. Afterward, Kelly returns to the home and hacks into the security framework, getting to the video and replicating the documents.

At the gathering home, the lady is accompanied out by the specialists after the video wound up in her administrator's inbox. Orlando appears for Joey. He was exculpated so presently the siblings are brought together. One of different children, Esme, discloses to Kelly she's a divine messenger. At home, Kelly enlightens Alex regarding her day and that she will assume Jimmy's liability as Guardian. Alex then, at that point, gives her Jimmy's Guardian protective cap. James sent it to Alex after Crisis on the grounds that Alex suspected Kelly would move forward.

In Nia's fantasy, she at long last surrenders to Nyxly. She'll assist with getting Nyxly out of the fantasy domain, Nyxly will bring her mom back for 24 hours.



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  • When Kelly comes to visit Joey, he is seen on his bed reading Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1 (December, 2007).
  • As Andrea is trying to get Nia, Kara, and William to interview the Superfriends, she mentions to 'project a big 'S' in the night sky, which alludes to Batman and Batwoman and the Bat-Signal.
  • Alex references when Kelly briefly used the Guardian shield during "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".