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"I've always wanted to slay a vampire."
Kate Kane

"Drink Me" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on February 23, 2020.



Nocturna drains a victim's blood

Nocturna reads Uptown Gotham.

Somewhere in Gotham City a woman throws a man into her bed, and the two begin to kiss, but shortly thereafter she bites his neck. He tells her that he can’t feel anything. Some time later, she has him hanging with some ropes from the ceiling, as she’s draining his blood into some blood bags. In the meantime, she reads a magazine as she waits for them to get filled up.

At Wayne Tower, Kate looks at a picture of Beth forlornly, while Luke talks out loud how they did everything right to keep Beth alive. Mary tells Luke it wasn’t his fault, but Luke says they need to figure out who shot her. Mary agrees, but says that first they need to prepare themselves for the real Alice's wrath. She goes onto say that The Crows think she’s dead, but the three of them know she’s not. Which in turn means that no one is looking for her, and that right now Alice is at her most dangerous since Kate didn’t pick her, and instead chose to save the other Beth. Mary tries to console Kate by telling her she did the right thing, but Kate says it ultimately doesn’t matter because the wrong Beth lived.

Jacob is released from prison

Jacob is released from prison.

Meanwhile, Jacob is exonerated of Catherine’s death, and as he’s walking outside in a suit, a horde of reporters is already there wanting to get a word in from him. He tells one of the reporters, that now that it has been revealed he was framed by Alice and her Wonderland Gang, he is going back to the Crows to restore peace and tranquility to the city of Gotham.

At the morgue, Jacob is there along with Sophie as the coroner takes out Beth’s body from one of the compartments. Sophie asks the coroner if they can have a moment. Once he leaves, Jacob mentions how all he feels is hollow right now. Sophie tells him that it was always destined to end this way when it came to Alice. Jacob brings up how the bullet that killed Beth wasn’t one of theirs. He asks Sophie what happened, and she flashes back to Batwoman asking her to stand down and not shoot Alice. She eventually lies, and tells Jacob that what happened was that the target kept moving, and as a result, she didn’t have a lock on her.

Later that night, Batwoman is standing on a building patrolling the city before she makes her way somewhere that has a woman tied up and going through the process of bloodletting. Batwoman tells Luke she sees no sign of Nocturna, before the latter makes her presence known a few seconds later. Nocturna proposes to work together given their affinity for the night. Batwoman declines and manages to throw Nocturna to the ground. She tells her that she’s flattered but Nocturna isn’t her type. Nocturna smirks and tells her she’s a universal recipient and bites her on the lip.

Next, she proceeds to tie Batwoman up, and runs away with the blood she took from another girl and escapes. Some crows agents get to Nocturna’s hideout, but it’s Sophie who sees Batwoman first and asks her if she’s okay. Batwoman says she’s fine, but to save the other girl, who is unconscious but still alive. Sophie tells Kate she’s gonna get her fired, so there can’t be a next time, because if there is, she will be forced to bring her in.

At Mary’s Clinic, Kate has her stepsister run some tests on her after her run-in with Nocturna earlier. Kate tries to lie saying she's been pulling all-nighters on her real estate courses and is sick with the flu.

At the Crows Headquarters, Jacob tells his agents that they have lost the city's trust and are hemorrhaging clients, not necessarily because they are weak, ineffectual or indecisive, but because for the first time in four years, they have competition. He then reveals the edition where Batwoman is on the cover of CatCo Magazine where she came out to the world, and Jacob mentions how the city seems to like Batwoman, all because she doesn’t subscribe to the rules, which in turn makes her entertaining.

Elle Scantlin

Elle Scantlin

Kate decides to throw a party and have the grand opening of her club earlier than anticipated to lure Nocturna to her. As a result, Jacob sends Sophie to keep an eye on Mary and Kate and be on the lookout for Nocturna. It’s while talking with Mary that Sophie reveals that Batwoman had been paralyzed by Nocturna. Initially believing Elle Scantlin to be Nocturna, but quickly finds out she’s not when she starts to feel queasy after Kate purposely cuts her finger. Later, Mary realizes Luke is talking to Kate on an earpiece and finds it odd for a person that’s just Kate’s assistant.

Alice makes her appearance known at Kate’s club opening demanding to know where Mouse is. Kate tells her she has no idea where he is. When she gets back to her hideout, she ends up getting ambushed by Nocturna, who bites her to effectively paralyze her. Nocturna tells Alice she has to kill her because she has seen her face. Alice counters that by saying she has seen hers, and she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s alive. Eventually, she catches Nocturna’s attention after she has her go after Mary instead whose blood has the cure to her rare disease.

At Crows Security, Jacob has called in Sophie after finding out she had let Batwoman escape, but Sophie assures him that she’s a Crow through and through.He shows her the footage of Sophie letting Batwoman go. He then suspends Sophie telling her to think hard on whose team she's on.

Batwoman rescues Mary from Nocturna's captivity

Batwoman rescues Mary.

Batwoman makes her way to Gotham Cathedral Church, which hasn’t had mass for over a year and was closed down. When she gets there, she finds Mary tied up there, and fights Nocturna again. She tries to bite Batwoman for a second time, but gets hit on the head with a pipe courtesy of Alice. She extends her hand out to Kate, who grabs it to stand up. Alice convinces Kate to go catch Nocturna while she gives her blood to save Mary. Kate has doubts, but Alice tells her twin sister that today, she’s all she has.

The next morning, Kate checks in on Mary, and asks her if she remembers anything from the night before. Mary answers by saying she remembers Nocturna drugging her and passing out after Batwoman rescued her.

Kate then finds out inadvertently through Mary, that Alice had told Nocturna about the Desert Rose. Kate calls Alice a parasite feeding on her guilt, and then asks her twin sister why she saved Mary. Alice tells her it was to prove how stupid Kate was, and ultimately, that she doesn’t want Kate to give up on her.

Mary realizes Kate's identity

Mary realizes Kate's identity.

After Kate leaves, one of Alice’s lackeys tells her that Mouse only had two visitors, her and some guy named "Dr. Ethan Campbell". She reads through his file which says he is Gotham’s most elite plastic surgeon, who has 20 years of lipo, rhino, and that six years ago, he took a sabbatical. His file goes onto say that when he returned, he divorced his wife and started specializing in facial reconstruction of child burn victims. Thus, she realizes that Dr. Campbell is in fact Mouse’s father.

Later, Mary is doing some work at her desk hearing Vesper talk about Batwoman saving the day yet again. She hears how Nocturna is in jail and that she used an animal tranquilizer to subdue her victims. This in turn makes Mary think, and she quickly begins to put two and two together, like how Kate’s blood had ketamine, and she found out from Sophie earlier that Batwoman was drugged by Nocturna. She takes a look at the Catco cover where Batwoman came out as a lesbian and realizes Kate is Batwoman!

Sophie uses the Bat-Signal to call Batwoman since she can’t exactly slide into her DMs. She tells the masked vigilante that her boss found she had worked with her and punished her for it. She confesses she has no idea who she is without her job. Batwoman promises to keep her distance from Sophie then, but the Second-in-Command of the Crows doesn’t let her leave until she kisses her first.



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  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 'Drink Me' potion from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a concoction that makes its consumer shrink down to ten inches high, which was the exact height of the door that Alice was attempting to get through in the novel.
  • The episode along with the title also references the belief that Nocturna is a vampire and the fact that she drinks blood despite not being a vampire, which is a common characteristics of vampires in legends and folklore.
  • Nocturna was originally going to appear in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series as a vampire, but the episode was canceled after Fox censors objected to the storyline, which would have involved Batman being turned into a vampire and craving human blood. Producer Alan Burnett later recounted the events by saying "We also wanted to do a Nocturna story Bruce had drawn a hot model of her, but she's a vampire, which would've involved bloodletting, which was a huge no-no for kids TV".
    • The storyline involving Nocturna began in Detective Comics #529 (August 1983), and her first appearance was in Batman #363 (September 1983).
  • This is the first episode where there is no mention of Bruce Wayne.
  • Anya Marina sang, as Batwoman met with Sophie Moore by the Bat-Signal.
  • The way Sophie was suspended for helping Batwoman is similar to how Quentin was suspended and then demoted to officer for enlisting help from the Hood.
  • In the scene where Batwoman cornered Nocturna up the bell tower, the surrounding setting was akin to a certain The Vampire Diaries finale episode. Bell and all


  • Ketamine can be effective in seconds, but only if administered intravenously. Nocturna biting Kate on the lip would be more of a subcutaneous administration and taken at least 15 minutes to work; not seconds as shown.
  • The discussion of Kate, Alice, and Mary's blood types creates some wrinkles with the previous episode, "Take Your Choice", where blood transfusion was also a plot point. If Alice is O-negative as stated here, and Mary has B-type blood, then Mary's blood should not have been able to be given to Alice or Beth in the last episode without risking complications that, while not necessarily fatal, would still leave the recipient very sick and in need of immediate medical attention.
    • However since the Desert Rose is descriptive as universal cure, seeing as it would have save Beth if she hadn't gotten sniped to death by August Cartwright, which in turn wouldn't have healed Alice [1] and it also eradicated a woman's stage four cancer as noted later.[2]