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"I made a deal with the feds. A trade. Diaz for your husband. If Oliver agrees to assist him with his case against Diaz, he'll be a free man again."
"Oliver's coming home?"
Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak

"Due Process" is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 19, 2018.



"Due Process" begins with Ricardo Diaz addressing Anatoly, who's been tied to a chair. Diaz starts utilizing a blow torch to torment Anatoly and says he has one last job for him: "to ruin Oliver Queen".

Oliver and Stanley are getting food in the jail's cafeteria. A guard comes to tell Oliver he has a guest and when Oliver goes to the visitation room, he sees that Laurel has shown up. She takes photos of Oliver's facial wounds and advises him they've revealed the documents taken from Doctor Parker. Oliver is discontent with Laurel and cautions her to stay out of his life.

Felicity reveals data that Anatoly's gang has been slaughtered. Laurel comes back and tells Felicity that Oliver loathes her and it may be past the point of no return, Laurel's uncertain in the event that she needs to speak to him in his plot. Felicity's tablet begins ringing a caution and they've found Diaz and the Longbow Hunters.

Felicity and Laurel join on the area and as they showed up, they're halted by Rene who chooses to join them. The three head inside and find Anatoly in a box and Dinah shows up with ARGUS. They rescue Anatoly from the box and discover it's been fixed with a bomb. Luckily enough, everybody's able to make it out securely.

The team returns to ARGUS, where Diggle's vexed that Felicity upset another ARGUS activity. So as to cooperate, Diggle won't work with Rene in the event that he keeps working with the new Green Arrow and Laurel since she's not from this world. A baffled Laurel stomps out.

Outfitted watchmen show up at Stanley's cell to take him to the Hole since Officer Dunbar — the last individual Stanley talked tot he previous day — was discovered to be killed. Oliver understands that Brick more likely than not set up byStanley and goes to go up against him in the cafeteria. Brick takes steps to do likewise to Oliver.

Starting reluctant, Anatoly's ultimately persuaded to assist ARGUS track down Diaz. They find Piotr, a previous KGB operator that may approach the reprobate. Anatoly's about ready to get the data from Piotr's PC, yet he's undermined and taken out by Piotr's colleagues. Diggle races into the stockroom and takes out Piotr and his men, protecting Anatoly all the while.

Back at ARGUS, Diggle addresses Felicity on her indiscretion including the Diaz case.

At Slabside, Oliver's ready to sneak off and visit Stanley in the Hole. When he arrives, he sees his previous cellmate is almost beat to the point of being indistinguishable. Oliver consoles Stanley he'll discover who truly murdered Dunbar. Oliver heads to the showers and can locate a potential homicide weapon shrouded away in one of the slows down.

In court, Laurel shows the photos of a beaten Oliver to an adjudicator, attempting to persuade her he's changed in jail Even after an energetic please from Laurel, the still denies Oliver's intrigue.

Oliver turns in the homicide weapon and the jail clearly discovers thumbprints from Ben Turner. Gatekeepers assault the cafeteria to remove Turner to the Hole.

Felicity goes to visit Anatoly in the drug cove at ARGUS. She is sorry for getting him included yet Anatoly advises her that he's the one that decided to take an interest.

Outside of the town hall, Laurel's going to assault the appointed authority that denied their allure with the exception of Dinah steps in and stops her.

Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis reveal an arrangement of Diaz's that incorporates exploding a petroleum gas processing plant. Diggle orders a city-wide departure while he amasses Team Arrow to deactivate the bombs. Diggle tracks Diaz to the head of the processing plant, where the two battle. Dinah and Rene race up to assist however they're halted by every one of the three Longbow Hunters.

Diaz is going to explode the bombs remotely through his telephone when it's shot out of his hand by the new Green Arrow. Diggle's ready to take Diaz out, despite the fact that the Longbow Hunters can get away. Diaz is set in the slammer.

Diggle congratulates Felicity on her difficult work looking into it, yet she despite everything appears to be baffled.

Laurel comes back to Slabside and shows Oliver his question has been denied. Meanwhile, Felicity messages Laurel to reveal Diaz has been caught.

Felicity tells Anatoly he's been put into the observer assurance program and will be moved to the Maldives. They give her entrance to Diaz's holding cell and keeping in mind that she's in there, she takes steps to shoot him. Laurel busts in to reveal to Felicity that she made an arrangement with the feds. Star City PD will exchange Diaz to the central government trade for Oliver's discharge, if he enables the feds to construct a body of evidence against Diaz.

The scene closes with Stanley coming back to normal life in the cafeteria. He's euphoric to get out and inadvertently reveals to Oliver that he may have planted the knife with Turner's DNA on it.

In the flashforwards, Roy reveals that the clue they found on Lian Yu was the "Mark of Four", which Dinah recognises. William and Roy learn that, before her death, Felicity became a criminal, taking on her father's mantle as the Calculator. They, along with Dinah and Zoe, find Felicity's plans for the destruction of Star City.


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