"He's a Warlock. You know, I happen to be a level nine Warlock."
"Dungeons & Dragons doesn't count, Gary."
Gary Green and Ava Sharpe[src]

Dungeons & Dragons, abbreviated as "D&D", is a tabletop game played with a dice that lets its players roleplay as characters in a fantasy story. Gary Green is a fan of the game, and managed to convince John Constantine, an actual warlock, to become a player as well.


The game is tabletop, played with dice, and is based around roleplaying a fantasy character. It includes such classes of characters as warlocks, rogues, druids, bards, sorceresses, wizards. It also includes races such as gnomes and half-orcs. Known characters include Zanatar the Unburnt, known locations the Tomb of Ruination, known campaigns The Trials of Eagan, and known artifacts the Six Swords of Sorrow.[1]


At one point, Gary Green, a Time Bureau agent, became very fond of the tabletop game and played it with several parties. Gary became so interested in the game that he talked about it at work, much to his superior Ava Sharpe's chagrin. During a crisis concerning the Mallus-possessed Sara Lance, Ava, and Gary searched for John Constantine, with Green mentioning how he's a warlock as well, in the game world. Gary later used a story about his D&D party hunting "the Six Swords of Sorrow" to explain how they could find the Legends trapped inside the time stream on their own ship. John got an idea after listening to the story and kissed Gary in joy. He later joined Agent Green on a gaming session of Dungeons & Dragons, rolling the dice.[1]


Known users


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" was a comic book based on the brand.
  • In real life, "Dungeons & Dragons" is indeed a famous brand based on the classic tabletop roleplaying game.
  • Humorously, in "Necromancing the Stone" the game ends up being enjoyed by John Constantine, an actual warlock, while in real life "Dungeons & Dragons" received outcry from various religious groups who believed the game to be a first step towards "Satanic dark magic".


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