"I cast a duplicity spell around the perimeter of the property. From now on, anyone searching for the mill house will find themselves on a path leading away from the mill house. This place is safe now, Zed."
—John Constantine[src]

Duplicity spell is a magic spell that allows its user to conceal a location. It was used by John Constantine on Jasper Winters' millhouse


The spell's intent is to conceal a target's location and lead those searching for it away from it. For example, after being cast on Jasper Winters' millhouse, the spell was supposed to make the Resurrection Crusade members end up on a path that leads away from the millhouse.[1]


After Zed Martin was attacked by the agents of the Resurrection Crusade while staying in Jasper Winters' millhouse, John cast a duplicity spell on the millhouse, promising Zed that now the place would be safely concealed, but she refused to believe his words.[1]


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