Durla is a planet, the homeworld of the Durlans, and the former home planet of Olivia Marsdin before its fall to alien invaders.


Olivia Marsdin was born on Durla, of which she described it as a beautiful world. Sometime later, Durla was subjugated by invaders. The Durlans relied on hope but did nothing to stem the invasion. A year after the invasion of Durla, the invaders had enslaved most of its people leaving Marsdin as one of the few that managed to escape.[1]


As president of Earth's United States, Olivia Marsdin vowed to not let what happened to Durla happen again on Earth with the invasion of the Daxamites. The tragic history of Durla was President Marsdin's primary motivator for supporting alien amnesty but also drove her to use hardline tactics against the invading Daxamites to prevent a repeat of history. One such action was to sanction using the D.E.O.'s positron cannon to fire on the Daxamite flagship despite the presence of civilians on board.[1]

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