"What's a dybbuk?"
"It's the dislocated soul of a dead person. Someone so wicked that their spirit never crossed over."
Zari Tarazi and Charlie[src]

Dybbuks are a type of malevolent spirits from Jewish mythology. A dybbuk, who was originally the famous killer Mike the Spike, was a temporal fugitive, who preyed on the citizens of New Orleans, and whose crimes were blamed on voodoo magic of Marie Laveau.


Dybbuks are incorporeal spirits, so evil that they weren't able to cross over to afterlife, whose natural presence resembles a moving gust of wind, and is thus capable of making others feel its presence (for example, Zari Tarazi felt Mike the Spike's incorporeal from brushing against her back). To fully interact with the outside world, dybbuks require to possess an inanimate object, such as a doll.[1]


Rory Regan referred to Prometheus as a 'dybbuk' after reviewing the S.T.A.R. Labs security footage Cisco Ramon had sent Team Arrow that showed the villain vanishing after breaking Laurel Lance out of the Pipeline.[2]

Later, the Legends would encounter a real mischievous dybbuk that escaped from Mallus's realm into New Orleans, where it possessed dolls to kill people in mysterious ways. In a resulting temporal aberration, its crimes were blamed on Marie Laveau.[1]

Known dybbuks

Powers and abilities


  • Enhanced agility: Dybbuks are able to make the dolls they possess jump at heights normally impossible for such objects.[1]
  • Enhanced strength: While possessing objects, dybbuks are able to show enhanced strength, normally impossible for such objects.[1]
  • Possession: Dybbuks need to possess other objects to fully interact with the material world.[1]
  • Self-propelled flight: Being incorporeal spirits, dybbuks can fly and float in thin air at their leisure.[1]



Season 5

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • Dybbuk comes from the Hebrew word that pronounced similarly (דיבוק), and means "possession". Historically, it has been believed that malicious spirits and dislocated souls of dead persons are possessing people who acted weirdly, as an attempt to explain their bizarre behavior.


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