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"Justin Claybourne owns Claybourne Pharmaceuticals, that recently acquired the rights to this drug, Dycloseral, which fights this particular strain of TB."
Oliver Queen[src]

Dycloseral or Dycloserol (as it was named on the manufacturer's website) was a medical drug produced by Claybourne Pharmaceuticals. It was able to cure people of a version of weaponized tuberculosis developed by AK Desmond Group at the behest of Justin Claybourne.


In late 2012, the rights to Dycloseral were acquired by Claybourne Pharmaceuticals. Shortly after, AK Desmond Group caused a massive outbreak of weaponized tuberculosis in Lamb Valley and the price of Dycloseral skyrocketed from $10 a pill to $1,000 overnight, making it impossible for the area's middle-class residents to get their hands on the cure. This caused the Hood to suspect Justin Claybourne as the man behind the crisis, which was proven correct. After Claybourne refused to correct his misdeeds, the Hood hunted him down at AK Desmond Group's hideout and killed Claybourne, along with most of his bodyguards. After their CEO's death, the company shut down, and Dycloseral was no longer produced.

Approximately four years later, Prometheus hunted down and fought Curtis Holt, eventually throwing a poisoned dart laced with Dycloseral at him. The Dycloseral was a message meant for Oliver Queen, whose actions as the Hood led to the shutting down of the company that produced the drug. Although Dycloseral left Curtis unconscious and dizzy, he eventually recovered and returned to the Arrowcave to help Felicity Smoak.[1]



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