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"This is actually considered Earth ∂. There's a whole new nomenclature for describing the multiverse that arose in the mid-twenty-first century."
Rond Vidar, to Winn Schott[src]

Earth-∂ is one of the many universes in the transmultiversal multiverse. After the crisis of 2024, the universe has experienced a "Crossover effect" which caused multiple Earths history to merge, notably Earth-1A and Earth-38A.[1]


"Timelines became entangled. There's a whole theory of hyperstrings that indicates that it may be possible for two separate universes to share common timelines."
Rond Vidar about Earth-∂'s history[src]

After the crisis of 2024, multiple Earths notably Earth-1A and Earth-38A experienced a "Crossover effect" that caused their history to merge.

At some point, Iris West-Allen arrived in Metropolis in the mid-30th century in order to give birth to Dawn and Don.[1]

In 2968 a past version of Barry Allen accidentally arrived and encountered the Tornado Twins that agreed to help him. After stopping an invasion from the space pirate Roxxas the twins gave Barry the Cosmic treadmill in order to progress further in his goal to reach the 64th century.

Notable individuals


Former residents


From Earth-1A

From Earth-38A

  • Mon-El
  • Clark Kent/Superman
  • Winn Schott/Toy Boy




  • This Earth was named "Earth-∂" as opposed to Earth-Prime in the new multiverse. In reality, the mathematical symbol "∂" can be pronounced in numerous ways, including "delta", "del", "doh", or simply "dee". It is used to denote a partial derivative in the context of a multivariate function, in which one variate is inconstant while the others are constant. Put simply, here we see numerous stable timelines converge to become one brand new timeline.
  • As hinted by Vidar, since Green Lantern is acknowledged in their history, Earth-12 may have merged with Earth-∂.