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"‘Tis I! Wells The Grey of Earth-13, hark all ye who read this magical parchment for which I now decree upon!"
Wells the Grey[src]

Earth-13 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse.


Earth-13 seems to be have an Earth filled with magic, as implied by the presence of magical creatures. Some ancient races speak languages such as ancient elvish, one that can be deciphered and/or translated using magic.[1]


In November 2017, Wells the Grey traveled from Earth-13 to Earth-1.[1]

In around 2019, Harrison Nash Wells and Maya visited Earth-13, discovering a memory cell. However, after unclipping her safety harness, Maya fell to her death.[2]

Earth-13 was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3.[3]

This universe was destroyed along with every other universe during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[4]

Known individuals



From Earth-719

From Earth-TUD12

Known species

Known locations

  • Earth (planet)
    • Devil's Mountain (landmark)
    • Wells the Grey's cave (cave)
    • Wizarding School of Business & Necromancy (school)
    • Corto Maltese


The Flash

Season 6

The Chronicles of Cisco

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Earth 13, which is referenced in The Flash as Earth-13, is an occult Earth of 13-hour days and 13-month years, locked in a perpetual mystic twilight. This Earth is home to Etrigan, rocketed from the planet Kamelot by Merlin, who as Superdemon defends this gothic universe alongside the terrifying supernatural defenders of the League of Shadows.
  • In the Smallville Season 11 comic, Earth-13 was another world that became a casualty of the Crisis. Leaving it beforehand was a Clark Kent who was a regular human who aspired to be a hero, but was killed by his Earth's Bruce Wayne who was a criminal. The latter was eventually apprehended and imprisoned on Mars.