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"Uh...Earth-15! Earth-15 is a dead Earth. Breach it there, now!"
Harry Wells telling Cisco Ramon to breach the excess radiation from Fallout to Earth-15[src]

Earth-15 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse. For unspecified reasons in 1986, its Earth was destroyed and considered a "dead Earth".


A dead world

In 1986, Earth was destroyed and became a wasteland.[1]

Earth-1's waste disposal

In early 2018, Cisco Ramon vibed all of Neil Borman/Fallout's nuclear radiation to this Earth.[2]

A couple months later, Cisco suggested breaching a nuclear bomb threatening to explode in Central City to Earth-15 before it detonated. However, because Team Flash was forced to operate in Flashtime to stop the nuke, this proved impossible as Cisco was ill-equipped to open breaches while moving at such high speeds.[3]

Over a year later when Team Flash needed to stop a virus made from the meta-human cure, Barry Allen suggested taking the virus to Earth-15.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

On December 10, 2019 during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the universe was destroyed by the antimatter wave along with the rest of the multiverse.[5]

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