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"Star City. Earth-16. Interesting. It must've been a temporal wormhole because well, the pod is in the year 2046."
"We've been there before. Apparently, we didn't just travel to the future."
"Yeah, we traveled to a
parallel Earth in the future. That's great."
Brainiac 5, Ray Palmer, and Sara Lance[src]

Earth-16 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse.


In late October 2016, a cocktail waitress named Olivia responded to an interdimensional dating profile sent from Earth-1's Cisco Ramon, in which he claimed to be a millionaire and philanthropist. In order to impress him, she responded by saying that she was a pre-med student, a part-time model, and a volunteer at a local children's hospital. Though Cisco was ready to elope to Earth-16, he eventually came clean to Olivia and told her the truth about who he was, prompting Olivia to do the same.[1]

Shortly after the Legends' team was formed in January 2016, after their ship was damaged in a confrontation with Chronos—ejecting them from the time-stream—they made a crash-landing in Star City on this Earth.[2] However, at the time, they believed they'd wound up in a dystopian future of their own universe (having ended up in the year 2046).[3] It wasn't until three years later that they learned that they had accidentally traveled to the future of an alternate Earth.[4]

Earth-16 was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3.[5]

Brainy tracks Jonathan Kent's pod to Star City in 2046 on Earth-16

Brainy tracks Jonathan Kent's pod to Star City in 2046 on Earth-16.

In 2046, Clark Kent and Lois Lane's child Jonathan was transported in a wormhole to Star City of Earth-16. Brainiac 5 accompanies Lois and Sara Lance in rescuing Jonathan. They run into that Earth's Oliver Queen. In a discussion with Sara Lance, Earth-16 Oliver revealed that his Sara died when the Gambit sank. After explaining things to him, Sara, Brainiac 5, and Lois returned to Earth-1's Arrow Bunker.[4]

This universe was destroyed along with every other universe during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[4]

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  • In the DC Comics, Earth-16 has been used to refer to originally the universe in which the television series Young Justice takes place and, in the New 52, a universe which most crime has been eliminated and superheroes are treated as celebrities. Ironically, the Arrowverse version is instead overrun with crime.
  • The name Earth-16 is also referenced to the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Star City 2046". It was taken from either the airdate of February 25, 2016, or from Season 1 and was the 6th episode; hence the name, Earth-16.
    • During pre-production, this universe was referred to as "Earth-L107", to refer to Season 1 episode 7.[6]