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"Around 24, 25 years ago, a neighboring Earth invaded our planet through a breach and almost destroyed the place. So to prevent it from happening again, they banned all inter-dimensional travel. Then, they put the Collectors in place to punish those of us who violated the ban."
H.R. Wells recounting the history of Earth-19[src]

Earth-19 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse. It was the home universe of notable allies of Team Flash such as H.R. Wells, Gypsy, and Breacher. It was also home to the Collectors Agency, who enforced Earth-19's restriction on inter-dimensional travel.


Major events[]

"Listen, I know there's no coffee on your Earth 'cause of the whole Blight thing or whatever, but this... this is just an absurd amount of coffee you're bringing back to your Earth."
Cisco Ramon to Gypsy about coffee[src]

At some point, the act of gambling was banned after an incident by Vice President Al Capone.[1]

A coffee crop was wiped out by blight. This made coffee a rare commodity that had to be brought from other Earths in the multiverse. Gypsy would take multiple large bags of coffee back from Earth-1.[2]

Plastoids attacked the Earth of Earth-19 and ravaged the planet. Thus, gelatinous foods like Jell-O were banned due to their similarity. They were another reason for the lack of coffee on this Earth. Breacher would later vow to kill all remaining Plastoids.[3]

S.T.A.R. Labs, an advanced research facility, was founded by Harrison "H.R." Wells and Randolf Morgan. H.R. Wells was nominally the director of the company but in reality was only the "face" and "ideas man" of the company, mainly focused on the business side and his writing. Eventually, H.R. was exposed as a fraud for being unqualified in the practical side of science, unable to even operate basic technology. This would lead to H.R. leaving for Earth-1 in 2016.[4]

At some point, World War M would take place. It was described as a "final showdown" between the meta-hominids of this world. They were gathered in a stadium as part of a plan supposedly concocted by H.R. Wells and the Flash of Earth-19, and two sides were pitted against each other.[4]

Establishing the Collector Agency[]

Sometime around 1992-1993, Earth-19 was invaded and almost destroyed by hostile forces from another Earth. Apparently, the damage left by these invaders was severe enough that inter-dimensional travel was outlawed with the penalty of death on Earth-19, in an effort to prevent another such conflict, and they established the Collector Agency in order to track down any of their citizens who violated the ban. Explicit permission had to be given to travel to and from Earth-19. After locating a criminal, the Collectors were also tasked with taking them back to Earth-19 to await execution. Gypsy would become one of the most prominent members of the organization, as well as a legend among the citizens of Earth-19.[2] The headquarters for the Collector Agency is located in Central City.

Abra Kadabra[]

Trapped in the past, Abra Kadabra sought to return to his time and began traveling through the multiverse to obtain the technologies needed to return to the 64th century of Earth-1. During his quest, he traveled to Earth-19 in the year 2014 and killed several people in his pursuits, including the partner (in both the professional and romantic sense) of Gypsy before fleeing to another reality. He would be continuously pursued by the Collectors, which ended in his capture in 2017 on Earth-1. Presumably, Abra Kadabra was executed for his crimes.[5]

Departure of H.R. Wells[]

In 2016, the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 sent out a cryptogram in search of a successor for his position as a member of Team Flash. Randolf Morgan cracked the cryptogram and replied with a holographic message containing the image of his partner, [H.R. Wells]], who wanted to travel the multiverse to work on his novels.[4] Later, H.R. left Earth-19 for Earth-1. He shared knowledge of his world with several of Earth-1's residents, reminiscing about the Flash of his world, "meta-hominids" and "World War M".[6]

Gypsy would be tasked to return H.R. Wells back to Earth-19 to await execution, but would fail at trial by combat against Cisco Ramon of Earth-1. In order to keep her reputation, Gypsy would lie to her superiors that H.R. was dead. As a result, H.R. could never return to Earth-19.[2]

Death of Gypsy[]

Gypsy was tasked with pursuing a criminal from Earth-19 known as Echo. She discovered that Echo was the doppelgänger of Cisco Ramon of Earth-1 and thus took him there; she was killed by him. The Collectors visited Earth-1 to investigate the murder. Breacher would return from Earth-47 to assist with the investigation and sought the help of Cisco Ramon of Earth-1. Echo would try to frame Cisco for the murder of Gypsy but was later defeated and returned to Earth-19. Cisco and Kamilla Hwang attended Gypsy's remembrance ceremony on Earth-19.[7]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

Along with all other universes in the original multiverse, Earth-19 was destroyed by a wave of antimatter during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[8] A new version of Earth was made in it's place following the rebirth of the multiverse due to the fact that it could not physically exist anymore. Interestingly enough; for reasons unknown, a few items from a few individuals (who have also been mentioned) appear to have been remade on Earth-Prime.




Thanksgiving is a somber holiday that represents the end of the decade long war with another Earth. The inhabitants of Earth-19 celebrate the day by having all able-bodied people hunt a bear/jaguar/wolf like creature and afterwards eat a large feast.[9]

One-One-One Day is a special holiday for people who have reportedly found their other half. Gypsy came to Earth-1 to go out with Cisco, but initially he couldn't make it and she got upset with him. However, they eventually celebrated the holiday, with Gypsy wearing a dress.[10]

Friend's Day is a more platonic version of Valentine's Day (e.g. compared to what Earth-1 and Earth-38 are more used to celebrating). However instead of being held on February 14 which is the standard day of celebration, Earth-19 has it on August 5.[11]


The Earth-19's copper coin is named Helbing.

Abe Lincoln is portrayed on the U.S. $100 bill.

According to Gypsy, Star Wars exists on Earth-19, except Luke's last name was Starkiller instead of Skywalker.[11]

H.R. Wells stated that Star Trek: Voyager exists on Earth-19, but it's unknown if any other parts of the franchise are known there.

Hitchcock achieved fame as a movie director, with one of his most well-known films being Murder on the Titanic. H.R. Wells was a notable fan of the film; he quoted "Who did it? Who cares? We're drowning!".[4]

On Earth-19, Gladiator is known as Sweaty Men and was thus a less popular movie.

A famous poet on this Earth was Alfred Yankovic.[11]

On Earth-19 there are Four Amigos instead of three.

Peanuts exists on Earth-19, but Charlie Brown plays the piano instead of Schroeder, and "the whole gag" is that he's terrible and can't play.[12]

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  • Presumably, dimensional travelers unaware of Earth-19's ban on travel are treated kindly if they visit by accident.
  • Should someone from the collection agency wish it, permission can be granted for breach travel to attend a funeral.
  • H.R. Wells, a denizen of Earth-19, seems to prefer referring to meta-humans as "meta-hominids", which is possibly a local term for these mutated individuals.[13]
  • Prior to certain conflicts, coffee was no longer obtainable in this universe (due to a blight), as evidenced by H.R.'s obsession with it on Earth-1, as well as Gypsy's taking back several bags of it.[2]
    • It was later revealed that all coffee crops were wiped out due to a Plastoid attack.[3]
    • This is weird in that this only implied planted coffee beans were destroyed; with seeds still available. Adding onto this is why no one sought to just bring coffee stock from another universe to plant and grow.
  • Gelatinous foods were banned from Earth-19 after the war with the Plastoids because of their resemblance.[3]
  • Earth-19 doesn't have any form of billiards.[14]
  • Earth-19 doesn't seem to have soap operas or if they do, they're badly written ones.
  • According to H.R., the film Gladiator is instead called Sweaty Men and thus not well-known due to the poor choice in movie title.
  • Earth-19 is described as having far more advanced technology than Earth-1 by the former's denizens.[2]
    • In a deleted scene from "Invasion!"​, it's revealed that batteries from Earth-1 aren't completely compatible with Earth-19 devices, such as H.R.'s voice recorder.
  • Gambling was banned on Earth-19 after an incident involving Vice President Al Capone.[1]
    • This could mean that events similar to the aberration in "The Chicago Way" occurred, with Capone not being arrested for tax evasion and becoming a politician.
  • In Earth-19, reptiles are given as common housewarming gifts.[15]
  • Instead of Valentine's Day, Earth-19's denizens celebrate "Friend's Day".[11]
  • Earth-19 appears to have similar currency in U.S. dollar bills to Earth-1; however, the individual pictured on the currency is completely different. H.R. Wells notes Abraham Lincoln is on the $100 bill, while on Earth-1, it's Benjamin Franklin.[1]
  • There are telepathic gorillas on Earth-19 like Gorilla Grodd.[13]
  • The famous glitch in the original Super Mario Bros known as the "Minus World" on Earth-1 was apparently coined as the "Negative World" on Earth-19.[12]
  • While H.R. Wells has confirmed that Earth-19's denizens celebrate Christmas,[16] Gypsy implied that Santa Claus doesn't exist in this universe.[10]