Earth-19 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse.


Invasion by another Earth

Sometime around 1992-1993, Earth-19 was invaded and almost destroyed by hostile forces from Earth-TUD3. Inter-dimensional travel was outlawed on Earth-19 in an effort to prevent another such conflict, and they established the Collectors in order to track down any of their citizens who violated the ban. After locating a criminal, the Collectors were also tasked with taking them back to Earth-19 to await execution. Gypsy would become one of the most prominent members of the organization, as well as a legend among the citizens of Earth-19.[1]

The departure of H.R. Wells

In 2016, the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 sent out a cryptogram in search of a successor for his position as a member of Team Flash. Randolf Morgan cracked the cryptogram and replied with a holographic message containing the image of his partner, H.R. Wells, who wanted to travel the multiverse to work on his novels.[2] Later, H.R. left Earth-19 for Earth-1. He shared knowledge of his world with several of Earth-1's residents, reminiscing about the Flash of his world, "meta-hominids" and "World War M".[3]




Thanksgiving is a somber holiday that represents the end of the decade long war with another Earth. The inhabitants of Earth-19 celebrate the day by having all able-bodied people hunt a bear/jaguar/wolf like creature and afterwards eat a large feast.[4]

One-One-One Day is a special holiday for people who have reportedly found their other half. Gypsy came to Earth-1 to go out with Cisco, but initially he couldn't make it and she got upset with him. However, they eventually celebrated the holiday, with Gypsy wearing a dress.[5]

Friend's Day is a more platonic version of Valentine's Day (e.g., Earth-1 and Earth-38 are more used to celebrating). However instead of being held on February 14 which is the standard day of celebration, Earth-19 has it on August 5.[6]


The Earth-19's copper coin is named Helbing.

There is no proof that Star Wars exists on Earth-19.

H.R. Wells stated that Star Trek: Voyager exists on Earth-19, but it's unknown if any other parts of the franchise are known there.

Hitchcock achieved fame as a movie director, with one of his most well-known films being Murder on the Titanic. H.R. Wells was a notable fan of the film; he quoted "Everybody did. Who cares? We sinking!".[2]

On Earth-19, Gladiator is known by a different name.

A famous poet on this Earth was Alfred Yankovic.[6]

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  • Presumably, dimensional travelers unaware of Earth-19's ban on travel are treated kindly if they visit by accident.
  • Should someone from the collection agency wish it, permission can be granted for breach travel to attend a funeral.
  • H.R. Wells, a denizen of Earth-19, seems to prefer referring to meta-humans as "meta-hominids", which is possibly a local term for these mutated individuals.[7]
  • Prior to its destruction, coffee was no longer obtainable in this universe, as evidenced by H.R.'s obsession with it on Earth-1, as well as Gypsy's taking back several bags of it.[1]
    • It was later revealed that all coffee crops were wiped out due to a Plastoid attack.[8]
  • Gelatinous foods were banned from Earth-19 after the war with the Plastoids because of their resemblance.[8]
  • Earth-19 doesn't have any form of billiards.[9]
  • Earth-19 doesn't seem to have soap operas or if they do, they're badly written ones.
  • Earth-19 is described as having far more advanced technology than Earth-1 by its denizens.[1]
    • In a deleted scene from "Invasion!"​, it's revealed that batteries from Earth-1 aren't completely compatible with Earth-19 devices, such as H.R.'s voice recorder.
  • Gambling was banned on Earth-19 after an incident involving Vice President Al Capone.[10]
    • This could mean that events similar to the aberration in "The Chicago Way" occurred, with Capone not being arrested for tax evasion and becoming a politician.
  • On Earth-19, reptiles are given as common housewarming gifts.[11]
  • Instead of Valentine's Day, Earth-19's denizens celebrate "Friend's Day".[6]
  • Earth-19 appears to have similar currency in dollar bills to Earth-1; however, the individual pictured on the currency is completely different. H.R. Wells notes Abraham Lincoln is on the $100 bill, while on Earth-1, it's Benjamin Franklin.[10]
  • There are telepathic gorillas on Earth-19 like Gorilla Grodd.[7]
  • The famous glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. known as the "Minus World" on Earth-1 was apparently coined as the "Negative World" on Earth-19.[12]
  • While H.R. Wells has confirmed that Earth-19's denizens celebrate Christmas,[13] Gypsy implied that Santa Claus doesn't exist in this universe.[5]


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