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"We're not going anywhere philosophizing about this! We're the only ones who know about this. Part of our power is the ability to remember discarded timelines. Like when Reverse-Flash killed us with the ol'vibrating-hand-in-the-heart, but then Barry changed time and we were alive again. So only you and I know about Earth-1 and... let's call it Earth-1A."
Cisco Ramon to his Earth-1A counterpart[src]

Earth-1A, typically known as Earth-1 to its residents, was one of the many universes in the transmultiversal multiverse.

As Flashpoint had such a significant effect on the timelines of the entire multiverse, its creation resulted in the creation of Earth-1A, and by extension a second multiverse. Upon its creation, Earth-1A's history was identical to the pre-Flashpoint history of Earth-1, but the timelines of each universe diverged with the Barry Allen of Earth-1A not creating Flashpoint.[1]


This universe and the multiverse it is a part of were created as a result of Flashpoint. The timeline of this universe was the same as its counterpart in the original multiverse up until this event.

In 2016, Hocus Pocus traveled to the past of this Earth without realizing that he has changed multiverse. He attempted to become a hero by mind controlling people to believe all his tricks and frame the Flash.[1]

In 2017, an invasion of super-Nazis from Earth-X occurred, but it was turned back by the heroes.[2]

In 2018, a breach from Earth-27A opened and thousands of surviving speedsters from this Earth arrived in Central City while the Crime Syndicate attempted to invade the city which resulted in a total failure as the heroes managed to arrest all of them except Owlman who escaped. The Green Arrow successfully pulled a "perfect shot" that closed the breach which prevented the Anti-Matter Man from reaching this universe.[2]

Notable individuals



From Earth-2A

  • Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

From Earth-19A

  • H.R. Wells (became permanent resident)

From Earth-27A

From Earth-32A

Unknown universe




  • Despite the event of Flashpoint never occurring, some similarities from both Earths occurred regardless:
    • The Earth-X invasion happened on both worlds, though it is unknown how it happened exactly.
    • The Legion of Doom was still formed, but without Eobard Thawne as he was still erased from existence.
    • Barry and Iris's wedding happened just like Oliver and Felicity.
    • The Legends still work with the Time Bureau.
    • Some of the same villains from Earth-1 are encountered by the respective heroes, but the way they deal with them is different.