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"And from the post-apocalyptic landscape of Earth-22, where man and machine have become one in order to survive, I give you Wells 2.0."
Harry Wells briefly describes Earth-22 and introduces one of its residents.[src]

Earth-22 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse. This universe's Earth was described as a harsh, post-apocalyptic world, where humans had been forced to merge with machines in order to survive. It was the home universe of Wells 2.0, a member of the Council of Wells.


The Earth of Earth-22 was said to have been a post-apocalyptic world with harsh living conditions. In order to survive, humans had to merge with machines. Cannibalism is implied to have been practiced on this universe's Earth. Regions under the rule of Krung the Face Crusher have outlawed apologizing under penalty of banishment.[1]

Earth-22 was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3.[2]

Earth-22 was destroyed with antimatter during the Anti-Monitor Crisis alongside the rest of the original multiverse.

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  • In the DC comics, Earth-22 is a universe in which the Justice Society of America, leaving no one to take their place as examples for younger heroes to look up to, ultimately leading to the rise of the violent superhuman vigilante Magog.