Earth-2 is a universe parallel to Earth-1. The name was coined by Martin Stein. To its own citizens, it is called Earth-1.

After gaining a connection to the Speed Force, Hunter Zolomon started subjugating Central City to his will. But he wanted to be even faster, and after getting much faster through use of the velocity drug, he became Zoom and wrought terror and nightmares throughout the city.


A conflict called the War of the Americas happened sometime during the 20th Century. James Zolomon fought in it.[1]

Sometime on a voyage, Oliver Queen and Robert Queen were involved in a violent shipwreck which took the life of the former. Robert eventually made his way back home and became the vigilante known as "The Hood" and later "The Arrow".[2]

In 2013, the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R Labs had released dark matter waves underground, giving many civilians including Hunter Zolomon special powers.[3] This prompted S.T.A.R. Labs of its studies in meta-humans. Various meta-humans such as Atom-Smasher, Sand Demon and Dr. Light became corrupt with their powers and became criminals, with Reverb becoming a prominent crime boss. Deathstorm and Killer Frost also became evil with the couple later becoming feared in the criminal underworld. Hunter Zolomon became a speedster named Zoom, terrorizing Earth-2. Eventually, after travelling to Earth-3, Zoom found Jay Garrick, another speedster who protected his version of Central City as a vigilante called The Flash. Deciding to play the hero and instill false hope, Zolomon took Jay's identity and became his own version of the Flash.

On May 19, 2015, a singularity breached the world, originating from Earth-1. Zoom discovered how to cross the dimensions, and brought meta-humans between the worlds to assist him in his mission to steal the Flash's speed in order to cure himself of the illness induced by overusage of the Velocity serums.[1]

For the next few months, Team Flash was forced to face various dimensionally-displaced meta-humans as well as their own "local" threats, with Zoom even mounting a direct attack that saw him break Barry's back before he had to retreat when he was injected with a speed-suppressing serum. When the Earth-2 Harrison Wells travelled to Earth-1 to hunt the meta-humans, Zoom attempted to blackmail Harry to help him take Barry's speed by threatening Harry's daughter Jesse, but when Barry learned the truth, he decided to help Harry rescue Jesse. After sealing the other breaches, Barry, Harry and Cisco travelled to Earth-2 to try and rescue Jesse and confront Zoom, which also led to a confrontation with Killer Frost, Reverb and Deathstorm that saw Reverb and Deathstorm being killed by Zoom after they killed Joseph West. Barry and his allies were eventually able to escape Zoom's prison and rescue Jesse with the aid of Killer Frost, but Jay Garrick was apparently killed by Zoom before they could seal the final breach.

Having deduced the truth about Jay/Hunter, Barry was able to use a tachyon generator based on Eobard Thawne's notes to increase his speed to allow him to match Zoom, but Zoom abducted Wally West and blackmailed Barry to surrender his speed to save his life. Taking Caitlin Snow back to Earth-2 due to his twisted interest in her, Zoom quickly decided that he would use the now-undefended state of Earth-1 to conquer it like he had his own world, prompting Barry to agree to a dangerous attempt to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and restore his speed.

Zoom brought over his entire army of meta-humans from Earth-2 to conquer Earth-1, causing an event known as the Metapocalypse. When Team Flash defeated all of Zoom's metas and forced him back to Earth-2, Vibe had a vision of Earth-2's destruction.

It is later revealed that Zoom stole a magnetar from Mercury Labs and modified it to create a pulse that would destroy every world in the multiverse, excluding Earth-1, and after Zoom murdered Barry's father, challenged him to a race to see who's the fastest in which their combined energy would power the magnetar.

Team Flash ultimately imprisoned Barry to stop him from racing Zoom and attempt to stop Zoom themselves. Though they managed to banish Zoom back to Earth-2, Joe West of Earth-1 is accidentally sent through the breach and subsequently held hostage to force Barry to agree to the race regardless.

Earth-2, along with the rest of the multiverse, is saved when Barry creates a time remnant, who sacrifices himself to thwart Zoom's plan, before Time Wraiths capture Zoom and carry him into the Speed Force for his crimes. Harry and Jesse subsequently return to their Earth, along with the real Jay Garrick, to help the latter return to Earth-3.

Later on, after the timeline of Earth-1 was altered/reset twice on March 18, 2000 by Barry and Eobard, it was revealed by Harry and Jesse Wells, who travelled to Earth-1 again in late 2016, that the timeline of Earth-2 was not affected at all by these events and that they still shared memories of the original timeline of Earth-1 with Barry. This signals that all time-altering events of "Flashpoint" didn't penetrate any dimensional barrier of the multiverse, leaving all timelines of other Earths intact and unchanged.

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  • The most noticeable difference between Earth-1 and Earth-2 can be immediately seen; the daylight on Earth-2 gives everything a yellow tint.
  • Although comparable events on Earth-1 and Earth-2 seem to happen roughly at the same time, there might be a global shift of the timelines with respect to each, as evidenced by the fact that Harrison Wells founded S.T.A.R. Labs in 1991 on Earth-2 while his counterpart from Earth-1 (as well as Eobard Thawne in the altered timeline) founded S.T.A.R. Labs at the earliest in the year 2000. This apparent mismatch of events on the two Earths might be explained by the nature of the singularity and the breaches connecting Earth-1 and Earth-2, possibly representing a gateway through both space and time.
    • However, if the timeline of Earth-2 was really somewhat ahead of schedule with reference to Earth-1, it could explain why Harrison Wells of Earth-2 could start the particle accelerator already in 2013 (possibly without the help of Tess Morgan), while his counterpart from Earth-1 accomplished that goal as late as 2020.
  • This version Earth-2 seems to be an amalgam of Earths Two and Three from DC mythology. It features villainous versions of many heroes or civilians from Earth-1 (such as Linda Park and Laurel Lance), similar to Earth-3, but features the same heroes from Earth-1, but with different civilian identities than those of Earth-1 (Hunter, masquerading as Jay Garrick, instead of Barry; Robert instead of Oliver) such as on Earth-2.
  • While Earth-2 is more scientifically advanced than Earth-1, stylistically, Earth-2's Central City has a late 40s-50s aesthetic mixed with futuristic, presumably as a reference to the real world 1940s and 1950s (also known as the Golden Age of Comics). During this time, The Flash character was first created, with Jay Garrick as his first civilian identity.
  • Television and computer screens on Earth-2 are vertically rectangular rather than horizontally.[2][5]
  • Blood types are either named differently on Earth-2 or entirely different from Earth-1; Harry mentioned that Jesse Wells has "PZ Negative" blood. His exact blood type is unknown but is apparently a match.[6]
  • Harry claims that serial killers are "an anomaly" on Earth-2, suggesting that while murder is not uncommon, someone constantly killing is not normal behavior for criminals; Hunter Zolomon's conviction was met with massive media coverage.[7]
  • It's possible Earth-2 might have a much more advanced education system as Jesse has five majors at college and was surprised when informed that wasn't common on Earth-1.[8]
  • Earth-2 and its inhabitants all vibrate at a higher frequency.[9]
  • Earth-2 and Earth-1 doppelgängers are said to be mirror images of one another and are opposite in hand dominance.[9]
  • Earth-2's currency is red in color and square-shaped, as opposed to green and rectangular as on Earth-1.[5]
  • Earth-2's timeline is seemingly unaffected by the events of Flashpoint. This was shown when Harry remembered that there was no Speed lab in Earth-1 S.T.A.R. Labs before his departure to Earth-2.[10]


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