"Tachyon device tracked you on Earth-38 when you met her, so you should find her there."
Cisco Ramon to Barry Allen on Kara Danvers.[src]

Earth-38[1] is one of the many universes in the multiverse. It is the home universe of Superman and Supergirl.


Alien life has been common knowledge for over a decade on the Earth of this universe - in particular, the Kryptonian heroes Superman and Supergirl. Barry Allen accidentally traveled to the Earth of this universe while testing out his Tachyon device and was able to return home with Supergirl's aid.[2]

A few months later, Barry and Cisco traveled to the Earth of this universe to recruit Supergirl's help[3] in facing the Dominators.[1]

When Cisco and Gypsy had a duel over the life of H.R. Wells, they crossed the dimensions and landed on this universe's Earth, in the office of James Olsen. They were seen by Eve Teschmacher fighting before vanishing into another breach.

Recently, the atmosphere of Earth has been seeded with a trace amount of lead, making the planet uninhabitable to Daxamites. Though by the 2400s, a cure will be invented by L-Corp, allowing said species to stay on Earth without any problems.

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