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Earth-38A, typically known as Earth-38 to its residents, was one of many universes in the transmultiversal multiverse. It was the home universe of Superman and Supergirl.

As Flashpoint had such a significant effect on the timelines of the entire multiverse, its creation resulted in the creation of Earth-1A, and by extension a second multiverse. It is unknown how much of the following events were unique to Earth-38A or whether they happened on both iterations Earth-38.[1]


This universe and the multiverse it is a part of were created as a result of Flashpoint. The timeline of this universe was the same as its counterpart in the original multiverse up until this event.

In 2016, Supergirl and the Department of Extranormal Operations were instrumental in the seizing of an Atlantic mineral and the handling of the supercitizen situation in National City. With the help of Pryll, the protector of Atlantis, the mineral was returned to its rightful home and the secrets of Atlantis, and its unwilling King, remained from prying eyes.[2]

Some time after, shortly after the passing of the cursed Caesar's Comet, National City was transformed into an inescapable Roman city. Despite the lack of technology, Supergirl and the D.E.O. managed to reverse the effect of the curse whilst convincing the citizens that she was not a Roman goddess.[3]

In 2017, Supergirl aided the heroes from Earth-1A in their attack and defeat of super-Nazis from Earth-X.[4]

In 2019, following the Anti-Matter Crisis that occured in the transmultiveral multiverse, numerous universes and their timelines, including those of Earth-38A and Earth-1A, merged to form Earth-∂.[5]

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  • Due to the Flashpoint event having created this entire new multiverse, many changes to the timeline occur. Whilst most of these changes are only visible on Earth-1A, some of these changes can be visible here. One such change is Mon-El never having left Earth due to its atmosphere evidently never having been polluted with lead. This alteration in the timeline seems to keep Winn Schott from leaving for the future and Braniac 5 never having taken his place. This allows Kara and Mon-El's relationship to thrive, whereas in the original multiverse, it didn't go as smoothly.
  • Pryll refers to the King of Atlantis being at first unwilling to take the throne. This implies heavily that Earth-38A, and by extension Earth-38 of the original multiverse, has its own version of Aquaman.