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"The end of the world is licking at our heels! Soon, thou shall be not but dust, twisting and writhing in the dead of space! Not even Supergirl will save you from..."
—Earth-38 doomsday protestor

An unnamed man was warning citizens of Earth-38 of the dangers of aliens.


He was carrying a sign in National City giving proclamations that the end times is approaching. He also said Supergirl could not save them. An alien dragon, Spike suddenly came from the sky and blew fire around where he was standing. Ironically Supergirl came to his rescue and she subdued the alien pet as he ran off. Though it's more than likely to be a coincidence, he was nevertheless later proven to be correct.

Anti-Monitor Crisis

This unnamed person was seen carrying a sign as antimatter hit his Earth.[1]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • This character is an homage to Superman II.[2]
  • Before his appearance on Supergirl, Wil Wheaton used to voice several characters in some of DC's animated shows.