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Earth-66 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse.


Earth-66 was destroyed by antimatter at the beginning of the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[1]

A new version of the universe was later created, when the Paragons and the Spectre created a new multiverse.[2]

Known individuals

Former residents

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Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • This Earth being designated Earth-66 is a reference to the Batman TV series which first aired in 1966.
    • If this is indeed the universe of said Batman series, it may also be the universe of the 1966 Bruce Lee Green Hornet series (the leads of that series appeared in one episode) as well as the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series and the spy TV series The Avengers and The Man From Uncle, as all three crossed over with "Batman '66" in spin-off comics.
    • However, a tie-in comic for Crisis claims that the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series took place on Earth 76.
  • A score resembling the 1966 Batman Theme is heard when Earth-66 is shown.
  • In "All's Wells That Ends Wells", Sherloque Wells mentions "the King Tut killer of Earth-55." It's possible that the number 55 is an error and was intended to be 66, as the King Tut killer may be a reference to King Tut from the 1966 Batman TV series.