Earth-8 is one of the many universes in the multiverse.


Earth-8 was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3.[1] This universe along with every other universe was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[2]


The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, there are various versions of an Earth-8:
    • Earth-Eight, a hypothetical Pre-Crisis universe that would have been home to certain "duplicate" heroes that came about after the Crisis on Infinite Earths including Helena Bertinelli and Jason Rusch (Ronnie Raymond's successor as half of Firestorm).
    • Earth-8, a universe in which its equivalent of Earth, Angor, is under the control of the totalitarian regime of the United States of Angor.
    • Earth 8, home to the Rampaging Retaliators, a group of superheroes that bound together to fight against a common threat, despite superheroes of this universe having general distrust towards one another.


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