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"Do you understand how many people, how many worlds are going to die?"
"Well, if they're anything like this world, maybe that's for the best."
"How can you even say that?"
"There was no hope for this world.
Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne[src]

Earth-99 was one of the many universes in the original multiverse.


Kate Kane and Kara Danvers went to Earth-99 to look for Bruce Wayne, believing him to be the Paragon of Courage. Kate and Kara arrive at an old manor and knock at the door. An alternate version of Luke answers the door, and Kate explains that she's Bruce's cousin. Luke slams the door in their faces, and Kate knocks at the door but gets no answer. Kara kicks in the door and the two women go inside. Luke trains a gun on them and tells them to leave, but Bruce tells Luke not to be rude to their guests. Bruce and Kate recognize each other, and Bruce takes Kate to his study while Luke takes Kara to the library.[1]

Kara talks with this Earth's Luke who asks her how she knows Kate. She tells him that she's still getting to know her, all while discreetly using her x-ray vision to do some subtle investigating. She then asks “what are those?” and he replies by saying they are mementos of Batman's greatest victories. Kara then sees a pair of broken glasses, and Luke says that those belonged to this Earth's Superman. He also mentions that this Earth's Bruce killed Clark, who also responsible for Bruce having to wear an exoskeleton.[1]

Bruce and Kate go to the Batcave, and Bruce figures that it's for the best if everyone dies. He insists that there's no hope for the world. Supergirl comes in and says that Bruce killed the Superman of this Earth. Bruce tells Kate that Superman gave the authorities too much power, and his parents taught him that life only makes sense if they make it. He punches Supergirl with a Kryptonite gauntlet, knocking her across the floor.[1]

Bruce is surprised that Kate trusts a Kryptonian, and says that it can all end for all he cares because the world isn't worth saving. Kate tells him that he'll have to kill her then, and he attacks her. She accidentally throws him into a generator and he collapses after being electrocuted. She wants to go to him and save him, but Kara stops her saying it will kill her too. As he lays dying, Bruce tells Kate that there is no hope.[1]

Eventually after Kara and Kate returned to the Waverider on Earth-1, this universe along with all others was consumed by Mobius' antimatter wave.[2]

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Behind the scenes

  • The number 99 references the year the DC Animated Universe series Batman Beyond premiered, 1999 which also features an older Bruce Wayne played by Kevin Conroy.
  • When Kate and Kara visit Earth-99, hints of the Batman: The Animated Series theme can be heard.
  • During pre-production, this universe was referred to as "Earth-92".[3]