For the universe referred to as "Terra Prime" by the residents of Earth-17, see Earth-1.
"When we restarted the universe, our worlds combined, and only we Paragons know it was ever any different."
J'onn J'onzz to Sara Lance and Ray Palmer[src]

Earth-Prime is one of the many universes in the new multiverse created during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. It, along with the new multiverse, was created by the Spectre and the Paragons after the Anti-Monitor destroyed the previous multiverse, though at the cost of Oliver's life. It was composed of elements from various previous Earths, such as Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-38, and Earth-TUD5 in an amalgamation that forms this new reality. A team was later assembled as this Earth's guardians.


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Heroes of Earth-Prime

Earth-Prime heroes.

The Spectre created a new multiverse, with this universe being part of it after all of the original multiverse was erased from existence.

Due to the vibration frequencies being different in this multiverse, this Earth currently has no access to the rest of the new multiverse by normal means nor do it's occupants appear to be aware of the new multiverse's existence.

The history of Earth-1, Earth-38, and Earth-TUD5 seem to have all still happened with minuscule differences.

Also, certain events have happened differently on this Earth. So far though, only the Paragons and a select few are aware of the changes.

Events (in chronological order)



Possible future

Notable individuals


Refugees from the original multiverse

From Earth-2

From Earth-TUD12

From Earth-TUD14

From Earth-TUD15

From Earth-TUD16

From Earth-TUD17

From Earth-TUD18

From Earth-TUD19

Known locations

Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe on Earth-Prime

A map of Earth-Prime's Earth drawn by Cisco



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Behind the scenes

  • This universe shares the same name as the keystone "real world" in the comics, also designated as Earth-33.
    • The name could also be a nod to Prime Earth, which was the mainstream reality in the New 52 Multiverse.
  • Real-life similarities (all of which has been mentioned and seen) that have been confirmed to exist in this universe include people such as Marie Antoinette, John Carpenter, Chris Evans, John Hughes, Nazis, Grigori Rasputin, Ryan Reynolds, the Romanov family, Benjamin Siegel, the band Toto (who made the song "Africa"), Marv Wolfman, as well as mass media such as the magazine "The Advocate", the film Frost/Nixon, and the Mario Kart video game series.
  • Nash being on Earth-Prime seems to be the one hiccup with the multiverse reboot; he wasn't returned to his own Earth, either because a Harrison Wells was needed on Earth-Prime or his Earth wasn't restored.


  • Due to an anomaly in the new multiverse, Earth-Prime will only allow single version of one person to exist on it; or "Highlander" rules, in Cisco terms.
  • Encores remember Earth-1, the previous version of Earth-Prime, due to being in Hell-1 at the time of Crisis.


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