For the universe referred to as "Terra Prime" by the residents of Earth-17, see Earth-1.

"When we restarted the universe, our worlds combined, and only we Paragons know it was ever any different."
J'onn J'onzz to Sara Lance and Ray Palmer[src]

Earth-Prime is one of the many universes in the new multiverse created during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. It, along with the new multiverse, was created by the Spectre and the Paragons after the Anti-Monitor destroyed the previous multiverse, though at the cost of Oliver's life. It is composed of elements from various previous Earths, such as Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-38, and Earth-TUD5 in an amalgamation that forms this new reality. A team was later assembled as this Earth's guardians.


Earth-Prime heroes.

The Spectre created a new multiverse, which included this universe, following the destruction of the original multiverse by the Anti-Monitor.[1]

Due to vibrational frequencies being different in this multiverse, this Earth currently has no access to the rest of the new multiverse by normal means, nor do its occupants appear to be aware of the new multiverse's existence.[2]

The history of Earth-1, Earth-38, and Earth-TUD5 seem to have all still happened with minuscule differences.[2]

Also, certain events have happened differently on this Earth. So far though, only the Paragons and a select few are aware of the changes.[2]

Major events (in chronological order)

Timeline of Earth-Prime written by Cisco Ramon



Possible future

  • Fall of Star City (2040–2041; presumably prevented by the Canaries)[18]
  • Putin ousted from office (2044)
  • Anti-Internet trolling Legislation was approved world-wide (circa 2126)[19]

Timeline alterations

Notable individuals


Refugees from the original multiverse


From Earth-TUD7

From the Netherverse

From the Fifth Dimension

From Hell

Known locations

A map of Earth-Prime's Earth drawn by Cisco



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  • It is unknown why so many refugees from the original multiverse were allowed to remain on Earth-Prime. They were presumably needed on Earth-Prime, their Earth wasn't restored, or The Spectre simply made errors during the creation of the new multiverse. However, in the case of Earth-2 Laurel Lance, he could've done this on purpose.
    • Luke Fox compared it to putting the Earths in a blender.
  • The lack of Oliver's body on Earth-Prime is an anomaly. Despite the fact he did exist there; no corpse was found after the multiverse reboot.
    • His friends mentioned that they were burying momentos in place of him.
  • Due to an anomaly in the new multiverse, under normal circumstances, Earth-Prime will only allow a single version of one person to exist on it, or "Highlander" rules, in Cisco terms. However, so far it was only shown to apply to individuals from the original multiverse; but only when they get too close to each other, sparking a countdown til they expire unless one dies.
    • This applies to surviving worlds, as if the Earth of Earth-TUD17 was released from its Brainiac 5's bottle, it would destroy both it and Earth of the Prime universe.
    • However, Brainy and Winn didn't suffer this when next to their counterparts (with Brainy having four), possibly due to time travel acting as a kind of temporary buffer.
  • Encores seem to remember Earth-1, the previous version of Earth-Prime, due to being in Hell (a plane of existence unaffected by antimatter) at the time of Crisis.

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