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"So, the big question, what are we calling her? Batlady? Batchick? Talk to me, Gotham. We need a name."

Vesper Fairchild[src]

The name of this universe has not been revealed yet in-universe. Therefore, this is a placeholder name for the universe made by the Arrowverse Wiki through our Temporary Universe Designation policy. For more information, please read our policy.

An unnamed universe was one of the many universes in the multiverse. It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of the universe.


This is the home universe of Brainiac 5.[1] During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Brainiac 5 was taken through a wormhole into Earth-Prime.

Known individuals


Known locations



Season 5


  • It is implied a version of Alex Danvers exists on this Earth when Alex questioned both Brainiac 5 and Brainy asking, "Which one of you, is my Brainy?" Both responded, "How can you seriously ask that?" meaning this version of Brainy clearly mistaken this version Alex for an Alex on his Earth.