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"So, the big question, what are we calling her? Batlady? Batchick? Talk to me, Gotham. We need a name."

Vesper Fairchild[src]

The name of this universe has not been revealed yet in-universe. Therefore, this is a placeholder name for the universe made by the Arrowverse Wiki through our Temporary Universe Designation policy. For more information, please read our policy.

"Where I come from, let's just say the two of us have history."
"And where is that exactly?"
"Nowhere now. My world was destroyed. But somehow, I managed to survive.
John Henry Irons to Superman of Earth-Prime.[src]

Earth-TUD22 was one of the many universes in the multiverse.


This unidentified universe was the home universe of John Henry Irons and his family.[1] This universe has its own version of the Daily Planet.[2]


Kal-El destroys Metropolis.

At some point, this universe's Kal-El crash landed on this Earth. After intervention, he went rogue and began killing innocents, along with a number of other.[2] He came across a military squad led by John Henry Irons, who became the only survivor of the squad. Later, something happened that destroyed this Earth, and Irons made it out to Earth-Prime, determined to not let the same thing happen to another planet.[3][4]

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Behind the scenes

  • This Earth can be inspired by Earth 3 or Injustice, universes where Kal-El became a dictator and started killing innocents.