"So, the big question, what are we calling her? Batlady? Batchick? Talk to me, Gotham. We need a name."

Vesper Fairchild[src]

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"This is Jefferson Pierce. On his Earth, an educator, a father, and a hero."
"What do you mean, my Earth?"
"There are multiple Earths, Jefferson, many Earths like this one. Your Earth has just been destroyed by a wave of anti-matter.
Pariah and Black Lightning[src]

An unnamed universe was one of the many universes in the multiverse. It was destroyed, along with the rest of the multiverse during the Anti-Monitor Crisis by the Anti-Monitor's weapon. The only known survivors were Jennifer Pierce, who escaped due to her powers, and Jefferson Pierce, who was brought to Earth-1 to help fight the Anti-Monitor. Jefferson was later killed when Earth-1 and the Waverider were consumed by antimatter, leaving Jennifer her Earth's sole survivor.

After Oliver Queen died while battling the Anti-Monitor and reforming the universe, Earth-Prime was formed with elements from this Earth.


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