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"So, the big question, what are we calling her? Batlady? Batchick? Talk to me, Gotham. We need a name."

Vesper Fairchild[src]

The name of this universe has not been revealed yet in-universe. Therefore, this is a placeholder name for the universe made by the Arrowverse Wiki through our Temporary Universe Designation policy. For more information, please read our policy.

"This is Jefferson Pierce. On his Earth, an educator, a father, and a hero."
"What do you mean, my Earth?"
"There are multiple Earths, Jefferson, many Earths like this one. Your Earth has just been destroyed by a wave of antimatter.
Pariah and Black Lightning[src]

An unidentified universe was one of the many universes in the multiverse. It was destroyed, along with the rest of the multiverse during the Anti-Monitor Crisis by the Anti-Monitor's weapon. The only known survivors were Jennifer Pierce, who escaped due to her powers, and Jefferson Pierce, who was brought to Earth-1 to help fight the Anti-Monitor. Jefferson was later killed when Earth-1 and the Waverider were consumed by antimatter, leaving Jennifer her Earth's sole survivor. Jefferson only learned of Jennifer's survival following the Crisis.

After Oliver Queen died while battling the Anti-Monitor and reforming the multiverse, several elements of this Earth and its people were conjoined with Earth-1 and Earth-38 to form Earth-Prime.


The history of this version of Earth focused mainly on the city of Freeland and its residents. One of the most outstanding differences between this Earth and Earth-1 was that the appearance of meta-humans was mainly due to the governments of certain countries desiring super-soldiers to fight their wars.

The United States government had a clandestine organization (A.S.A.) that masked their experiments on the residents of Freeland with vaccinations and addictive drugs. The initial experimentation gave powers to Jefferson Pierce and Tobias Whale.

Later, a drug named Green Light was distributed on the streets of Freeland. This drug interacted with certain people granting them extraordinary powers. However, these powers and these individuals needed to be studied because there was no one to train the newly transformed in daily tasks or help them from self-destructing when they desired loftier aspirations. Also, it was discovered by Jefferson Pierce that his mutation was inheritable as his daughters both gained powers without drug usage.

Corruption occurred on both the street level and in governments. Green Light was distributed by the gangster Tobias Whale, while addicted children who developed powers were kidnapped by the government to be trained to be super soldiers. The United States was in an arms race against other nations that had their own super-powered individuals.

Ultimately, though Pariah came to this Earth to recruit Black Lightning to assist the heroes against the Anti-Monitor,[1] it was Lightning who was mentally prepared for the Crisis with knowledge that there were multiple versions of Earth in the multiverse. As the anti-matter wave approached this Earth and the skies above turned red, Jennifer's powers interacted with the ambient radiation and she was mentally transported to see alternate versions of herself from Earth-1 and Earth-2 who had very different lifestyles based on the choices they had made about their priorities, friendships, and powers. However, like all of the other Earths that ever existed, the antimatter wave enveloped and destroyed this version of the Earth,[2] , however, with the help of Paragons and the Spectre, the Earths-TUD5, 1 and 38 were merged into Earth-Prime.[3]

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