Earth Sixteen is one of the many universes in the multiverse.


In late October 2016, a cocktail waitress named Olivia responded to an interdimensional dating profile sent from Earth One's Cisco Ramon, in which he claimed to be a millionaire and philanthropist. In order to impress him, she responded by saying that she was a pre-med student, a part-time model, and a volunteer at a local children's hospital. Though Cisco was ready to elope to Earth Sixteen, he eventually came clean to Olivia and told her the truth about who he was, prompting Olivia to do the same.[1]

Notable individuals



The Chronicles of Cisco

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Earth 16 has been used to refer to both the universe in which the television series Young Justice takes place and, in the New 52, a universe in which most crime has been eliminated and superheroes are treated as celebrities.


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