The Earth Totem is a mystical object that allowed the user to harness the power of earth. It was one of six mystical Zambesi totems presented to the great tribes.[1] Once the Legends defeated Mallus, Nate Heywood gave the Earth Totem to Kuasa from the new timeline to protect.


The five great Zambesi tribes presented with mystical totems

The tribes presented with mystical totems.

After the people of Zambesi faced numerous attacks from their neighbors and nature, they prayed for protection. Their prayers were answered as the five great tribes were each presented a mystical totem harnessing a power of each elemental forces. A tribe was presented the Earth Totem, the totem with the power to control the earth.[1]

The totem was eventually lost by the tribe, and it found its way into the possession of the pirate Blackbeard (who believed it to be nothing more than an emerald) in 1717. While burying treasure on Grace Island in the Bahamas, he presented it to Anne Queen. However, the totem began control over her, causing him to shoot her in the head, temporarily stopping her. He buried the totem and his lover along with the treasure. Not long after, Anne and the totem were dug up by Damien Darhk and his naval forces. Anne was seemingly resurrected by the totem, fighting off all of her attackers, before her neck was snapped by Damien. Injuring his daughter, Nora, the Legends took the totem and kept it in a box aboard their timeship, the Waverider.[2]

When Mallus tricked Sara into trying to use the Death Totem, and ended up possessing her as a result, the Legends decided to use the other totems that were in their possession at the time; Earth and Fire (they also had the Air Totem, but its bearer, Zari, had been incapacitated); to combat the demon. Nate intended to use the Earth Totem against Mallus, but didn't get a chance to do so before being attacked by Sara, who, due to the Death Totem's powers, appeared to Nate as his deceased grandfather.[3]

Nate bore the Totem when the group planned to stop Mallus in 1992 Zambesi with him finally activating its power, causing a massive tremor that sent Grodd flying through the air in order to protect Esi and the elder Amaya Jiwe.[4] He also wielded it when the team tried to use all six totems against Mallus individually, and during their two attempts (the first of which failed) to combine the totems' powers to conjure something capable of killing the demon. After Mallus was defeated once and for all, the totem, along with those of Spirit, Fire, Water, and Death, was left in Zambesi.[5]

Powers and abilities

  • Geokinesis: The totem allows its user to manipulate stone, the soil, and shape and affect it in any conceivable way. Nate used this totem to create powerful waves of the rolling earth as a projectile weapon.[4]
    • Chlorokinesis: The totem allows its user to control plant life, particularly vines, using them offensively.[2]
  • Resurrection: The totem was able to bring Anne Queen back to life after she was dead for a while, in the process also healing all rotting damage and a gunshot wound in her head.
  • Totem connection: The totem connects to other totems when in the presence of them or from afar and can also let the other users know if a totem bearer has died.[6]



  • In Season 2 of Vixen, the Earth Totem appeared as a yellow crystal with a brown center. In its live-action debut on DC's Legends of Tomorrow​, the totem now appears to resemble something like a large emerald. However, since the totem only appeared in the Vixen series as part of Dr. Macalester's presentation, (the totem itself being lost at the time) it's possible that this was not an accurate representation of the totem's physical appearance.



Season 2

DC's Legends of Tomorrow


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