Ecstasy pills were tablets intended to give its user a high and presumably experience the feeling of ecstasy. They were created and sold by Tony D'urso until his death.


As part of his work with the Bertinelli crime family, Tony D'urso developed ecstasy pills, which he primarily sold to teenagers.

One day in 2009, Tony supplied a student of Michael Staton's school with ecstasy pills. The boy overdosed on them in the bathroom and subsequently passed out. He was immediately rushed to an ambulance and the vial of the pills were found next to him, revealing the cause of the boy's near-death.

Later at Michael's funeral, Tony offered some ecstasy pills to the former's fiancée, Helena Bertinelli, to help her cope with the pain.

Over a year later in 2010, Tony attempted to deal ecstasy pills to another teenager, but Helena stopped him. She then killed Tony, presumably ceasing the creation and sale of ecstasy pills from then on.[1]




Behind the scenes

  • Ecstasy, formally known as MDMA, is a real-life recreational drug which provides increased energy and feelings of pleasure, along with severe and dangerous side effects.


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