Eddie (died 2014) was a member of the Resurrection Crusade.


Meeting Zed Martin

Eddie posed as a naked model at the Atlanta School of Natural Art, where one of the painters was Zed Martin. Suddenly she saw in a vision the snakes entwining her legs and she started screaming. For this reason, the teacher decided to order a fifteen-minute break, and the model in a bathrobe approached the artist, whom he invited for a date. She initially refused, but after reflection decided to meet a nice man. The next day, late in the evening, Eddie called the girl informing her about the missed meeting. The girl apologized and suggested that they meet another time. After putting down the phone, the boss showed calm and decided that now he should wait for her move.[1]


Eddie death in Jasper Winters mill

Eddie dies.

Zed met Eddie at the store a few days later, with whom she decided to go to the bar. After a short conversation, she touched him and had a vision of him next to a large white safe and, not wanting to arouse suspicion, invited him to the mill. There, she started flirting with him when she unexpectedly attacked him, revealing that she knew he was her father's envoy. To her surprise, two other people appeared at the mill, who killed Eddie and started chasing the girl. After one of the attackers overpowered Martin,[2] he transferred her to the truck along with Eddie's body. Soon after, the girl freed herself, stunned the driver, and left him with a dead model in the woods.[3]



Behind the scenes


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