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Eddie Slick (died October 13, 2015), nicknamed Sand Demon by Hunter Zolomon, was a meta-human from Earth-2 with the power transform into sand who was sent by Zoom to kill the Flash.


Previous altercations with the Flash[]

Slick had previously had altercations with the Flash, who nicknamed him Sand Demon due to his powers, using cluster bombs to drive him away.[1]

Being sent to kill Earth-1's Flash[]

Slick was forcibly taken from Earth-2 to Earth-1 by Zoom, who ordered him to kill the Flash in return for sending him home. To gain Barry's attention, he set a building on fire. The Flash was able to put it out, but not before Sand Demon appeared to fight him. The Flash ran head-on in to him, reducing him to just sand, and he ran off. They were able to extract DNA, leading them to ID Slick and find his house. After Detective Joe West and Officer Patty Spivot released Slick's Earth-1 counterpart, mistaking him for their suspect, the Earth-2 Slick arrived knocking out Joe and taking Patty. From there, he took her to an abandoned Woodrue warehouse for his benefit, creating a concussive bomb and strapping it to her seat. He was met by "Jay" as the Flash. Due to his lack of powers, he was sorely beaten down, but this gave enough time for Barry as the Flash to untie Patty and run her away, just catching the edge of the bomb's shockwave. Barry was able to harness the electricity from his super speed, directing it at Eddie and turning him to glass, making him shatter as he fell to the ground, killing him.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Meta-human physiology: After Slick was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion on Earth-2, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into beyond peak human condition.
    • Organic sand transformation: Slick's body is composed of cells whose myasthenic protein have migrated to the cells' periphery. The cells can rearrange and harden, giving the appearance of sand, which he can transmute his entire body into at will in order to attack or to avoid taking a hit or getting shot.
      • Elasticity: Eddie can extend the length of his limbs when turning them into organic sand.
      • Shapeshifting: Eddie can use his sand form to enlarged the size of his fist. It can also be assumed that Eddie could shape shift his limbs to take on other shapes.
    • Superhuman strength: When Eddie turns one of his fists into sand it becomes hard enough to punch and knock someone down to the ground, such as the Flash during their first battle.


  • Explosives knowledge: Eddie was able to create a concussive bomb that would have been triggered had Patty moved from the chair it was attached to.


  • Intense heat: Much like actual sand, intense heat and pressure can cause him to turn into a form of glass, as shown when Barry hurled a bolt of lightning at him. After that, his body hit the ground and shattered.
  • Moisture dependency: According to "Jay", Eddie's body would fall apart if he were to become dehydrated.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics Edward Slick is a supervillain known as Sand Demon who is primarily an enemy of Firestorm, debuting in Firestorm #51 (September 1986).