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"Do you know why my men wear balaclavas, Mr. Queen? Because it masks everything but the eyes. And in a man's eyes, one can always find the truth."
—Edward Fyers to Oliver Queen[src]

Edward Fyers (died May 2008; briefly resurrected December 2019) was a mercenary hired by Amanda Waller to decimate China's economy by shooting down a Ferris Air flight heading into the country, unaware that his mission was really an assassination of Chien Na Wei. Having captured the disgraced General Yao Fei Gulong, who was exiled on Fyers' base of operations, Lian Yu, he planned to frame Yao Fei for his plan. However, after Oliver Queen became shipwrecked on Lian Yu, he, Slade Wilson, and Shado successfully foiled the plan and Fyers was killed by Oliver.


Working for Amanda Waller[]

Edward Fyers was hired by Amanda Waller to begin working on a terrorist plot to destroy China's economy by shooting a flight heading into the country.[1] Unknown to him, this was secretly an assassination attempt on Chien Na Wei. She sent him and his men to Lian Yu.[2] Fyers later shot down a plane flown by Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen, who had come to rescue Yao Fei Gulong from the island. He offered the Australian soldiers to join him, and while Wintergreen accepted, Wilson refused and fought his way out alongside Yao Fei. They made plans to escape but were eventually separated thanks to Fyers.[3]

Some time after Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on Lian Yu, Fyers' men captured Oliver and took him to their camp. Oliver was brought in front of him, and Fyers showed him a picture of Yao Fei in a military uniform. When questioned, Oliver claimed that he'd never seen the man, but Fyers could easily tell that he was lying. He asked a second time, but Oliver wouldn't talk, so Fyers called in Billy Wintergreen. Billy proceeded to torture Oliver by cutting his body with a katana as Fyers watched on. When Billy was finished, Oliver still refused to speak, so Fyers instructed Wintergreen to kill him, only for Yao Fei to burst in and escape with Oliver.[4]

Fyers eventually tricked Yao Fei into capturing him and taking him back to the cave where he hid with Oliver, while allowing his men to track them. Fyers' men captured Yao Fei, though Oliver managed to escape.[5]

After failing to get Yao Fei to cooperate with his plan, he had his daughter, Shado, kidnapped and used her as leverage to force Yao Fei's cooperation with their plan. Oliver came to the camp to free Yao Fei, only to find that Yao Fei was now working for Fyers.[6]

Fyers then had Yao Fei fight Oliver in the camp's fighting ring where Yao Fei easily beat Oliver. Fyers forced Yao Fei to kill Oliver. Instead, Yao Fei faked Oliver's death and gave him a map to Slade Wilson's hideout.[7]

Fyers ordered a shipment of compound bows to be delivered to the island and demanded Yao Fei teach archery to some of his men after seeing how Yao Fei's skills with a bow and arrow defeated his best soldiers. After taking out a makeshift airfield, Oliver snuck into Fyers' camp to rescue Yao Fei but he would not leave without Shado, so Oliver was captured. However, before he could be executed, Slade freed him and escaped with him. Fyers later rewarded Yao Fei's loyalty by granting him five minutes with Shado.[8]

At some point, Slade and Oliver stole a circuit board from the missile launcher that was integral to Fyers' plan.[9] He agreed to give them a boat if they gave it back, but went back on his word and threatened to shoot Shado if they did not hand it over. A firefight broke out, and Yao Fei, Shado, Slade, and Oliver escaped. However, Yao Fei was injured and he forced the others to leave him behind.[10]

Fyers forced Yao Fei to track down Oliver, Shado, and Slade.[11] Surrounded, they were forced to go to Fyers, who revealed his plan: To shoot a Ferris Air jetline out of the sky, thus causing an international incident and damaging China's economy, as flights in and out of China would be halted indefinitely due to not knowing if another commercial plane would be shot down. He revealed that Yao Fei would take the fall for this act. After Yao Fei recorded the video where he claimed responsibility, Fyers shot him in the head, as he was no longer useful.[1]

Oliver furiously broke free of his restraints and freed his friends, after which they battled Fyers and his mercenaries. Oliver and Shado succeeded in reprogramming the missile, which dropped and hit Fyers' compound, destroying almost everything in it and killing his men. Infuriated, the surviving Fyers took Shado hostage and threatened to kill her. Musing that a meticulously executed 2-year plan was undone by a shipwrecked playboy, Fyers stated that he can call in a rescue plane if Oliver stops messing with his plans, and asked him if he was willing to sacrifice his freedom for Shado. Shado quietly nodded to Oliver, who shot an arrow through Fyers' throat, killing him.[12]


In 2019, 11 years after his death, Fyers, having been one of the first souls to perish on Lian Yu, was one of the first to be resurrected by the magical surge of energy that enveloped the island. Reunited with Wintergreen and his men, they hunted Oliver Queen and his allies, including a revived Yao Fei, who were attempting to channel the energy into a weapon for the Monitor. They engaged in the final battle where Fyers' side gained the upper hand until they were sent back to the afterlife upon the weapon's activation.[13]


"I've been polite. I'll offer you one more chance before my manners leave me."
—Edward Fyers to Oliver Queen[src]

Edward was a manipulative individual who would do anything for money, including the torture and exploitation of others. Upon his resurrection, not much of his unpleasant personality changed to the point of even continuing his antagonism of Oliver and his allies, despite of having already died by Oliver's hand as a time when the latter was nowhere near as skilled.


  • High level intellect/Expert tactician: Fyers was an intelligent, sharp and observant man, being able to immediately recognize that Oliver Queen was not one of his soldiers simply based on behavior and body language despite his face being covered. Throughout his appearances he came up with effective tactics against Slade Wilson, another brilliant tactician, although how much of Fyers' strategies were his own and which were Amanda Waller's are unknown.
    • Expert interrogator: Fyers was a skilled interrogator, at first cleverly attempting to manipulate Oliver Queen through a friendly and understanding approach; before resorting to more brutal methods; when Oliver became defiant. He used his powerful presence to his advantage, nearly successfully intimidating Oliver; during his torture.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a trained and professional soldier, Fyers was a competent combatant in close quarters.
    • Expert marksman: A trained soldier, Fyers was skilled in the use of firearms, particularly pistols. He was accurate enough to shoot Yao Fei Gulong in the head with his sidearm, and quickly and confidently fired on Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson from a great distance without hesitation.



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  • Edward Fyers is the first person who was directly killed by Oliver Queen on Lian Yu (not including the unnamed mercenary Oliver killed by accident while trying to find Slade).
    • He was also Oliver's final human antagonist before the Crisis.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Edward Fyers is a former CIA operative who first appeared in the comic Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3 (1987). Though they are occasionally enemies in the comics, they also work together sometimes and Fyers is more of an anti-hero than a straight villain like he is on the show.
  • Fyers served as the main antagonist of the "flashbacks arc" of Season 1 of Arrow.