Edward Rasmus (died April 2013) was a corrupt financier. His name was also on "the List".


Edward Rasmus scammed multiple clients out of their money, at one point being accused of committing fraud against 11 tenants of Starling Senior Complex. He had also managed the Moore family's funds for seven years. In 2013, Rasmus invested Eric and Nancy Moore's money in a fraudulent fund, earning a company profit for himself whilst cheating them out of their life savings.[1]

Rasmus sent an assassin, Mr. Blank, to kill Eric and Nancy so they would not have the chance to sue him in court. When he learned their son, Taylor Moore, had survived and escaped, Rasmus tried to flee to China, knowing that the police would trace the assassination back to him.

However, Rasmus was stopped by the Hood and was forced to confess to being behind the Moore family's murder and their son's attempted murder, as the Hood had threatened to kill him if he did not. In the SCPD precinct, Rasmus was killed by Mr. Blank in a bid to keep the latter's identity secret.[2]



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