Edward Teach, better known as "Blackbeard" is a 17th-century pirate.


During an expedition, Blackbeard and his crew came across the Earth Totem, which he gave to his true love, Anne Queen. However, the totem overtook her and Teach was forced to put her down. He later tries to take over the Waverider but is stopped by Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe.[1]

Later, after the demon Mallus escaped from his his prison, he imbued his powers to Caesar, Freydis, and Blackbeard, making them his worshippers. Mallus sent them to the town of Salvation, North Dakota, in 1874, where the three confronted the Legends and town sheriff Jonah Hex. Under Mallus' influence, they gave the Legends the demon's ultimatum for the surrender of the six Totems of Zambesi in exchange for sparing their and the townspeople's lives, to which the totem-bearers declined.[2]

The next day, the three arrived with their armies of Romans, Vikings, and pirates to find Sara holding all six totems, before she turned tail and rode on a horse. Caesar declared war upon the town and went into the nearby tavern with his men, where he battled Mick once more and got his nose broken as retribution, but was replenished by Mallus's power a few minutes later. After Mallus finally arrived near the town, Blackbeard and his allies all stopped fighting and bowed in reverence to their new god. Their power from Mallus disappeared after the six totem-bearers defeated the time demon. Blackbeard, along with Freydis and Caesar, was brought to the Time Bureau by Director Ava Sharpe and Jax, had his memory of the incident wiped, and returned to his time period.[2]


  • Expert swordsman: Blackbeard is a highly trained swordsman as he fended off Amaya Jiwe rather easily and even managed to disarm her, after firing a gunshot. Though he was easily beaten when Amaya was given a new sword by Nate Heywood and fled after being disarmed himself.[1]
  • Expert Marksman: Blackbeard knows how to handle a pistol and even used one on Amaya during their fight, with the distraction causing him to disarm her of her sword.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


  • In the comics, Blackbeard is one of the many identities used by Vandal Savage throughout history.


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