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"Time of death, 11:59."
—Dr. Elisa Schwartz reporting Laurel Lance's death

"Eleven-Fifty-Nine" is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-seventh episode overall. It aired on April 6, 2016.



Andy opens a safe in Diggle's home, evacuates and stacks a firearm. Diggle discovers him, and they uncover that he revealed to Andy where to discover the firearm, so Andy would have a sense of security. Andy is frightened that H.I.V.E. thinks about him, and uncovers that Merlyn needs Andy's assistance.

John and Andy fill in the remainder of the posse in the dugout, on Merlyn's arrangements to take a few rockets. Oliver takes a gander at the symbol, they have put away now, and confesses to having seen it on Lian Yu.0 He's concerned that Merlyn needs to take the icon. Diggle recommends utilizing Andy as a twofold specialist with H.I.V.E. Oliver is uncertain about that, he's not persuaded Andy can be trusted. They see on the TV that Ruve Adams has been chosen Mayor.

Laurel, Oliver, and Thea go to Ruve's acknowledgment discourse. An individual from the press reveals to Oliver that he got 40% of the write-in votes. Ruve approaches the group and offers Laurel an advancement, to District Attorney.

Flashback, Oliver attempts to converse with Taiana about the need to slaughter individuals. She takes a gander at a photograph of herself and her sibling as youngsters and recollects more joyful occasions. Oliver disclosed to her that he no longer ganders at the photograph he conveys from his previous lifestyle. The individual Taiana was before the island would not endure it. She gets to her feet and consents to battle.

Straightforward and The Green Arrow sit in their van, trusting that the Ghosts will desire the rockets. Tree and Thea stay in the fortification. The women talk about Laurel's proposition for employment and Merlyn's contribution with H.I.V.E. Thea will not call him "Father," something Merlyn sees when he strolls in, joined by a few men dressed as individuals from the League of Assassins. He's there for the symbol.

The rocket burglary starts, with Green Arrow and Spartan giving pursue.

Laurel battles the men while Thea follows Merlyn, who rapidly finds the idol. Thea battles him.

With Andy's assistance, Green Arrow and Spartan stop the theft without any problem. Too effectively, which doesn't get away from Green Arrow's notification.

Thea and Merlyn keep battling, with her picking up the advantage and nailing him down, two cutting edges to his throat. She delays, and Merlyn gets free. In the interim, Laurel wins her battle and tracks down Thea. In any case, Merlyn and the icon are no more.

Oliver and Dig come back to the dugout and realize what occurred. Thea is irate and goes to hit the road with expectations of discovering Merlyn. Oliver wouldn't like to utilize Andy further, yet Dig is tenacious. Oliver and Laurel talk secretly, she can see that he presumes Andy. Laurel advises Oliver to be sure before he does whatever could break his companionship with Dig. They are hindered by a call from Lance.

Taiana goes to where a few warriors are guarding the detainees. She wails about something ghastly occurring in the cavern, and two of the men go to the cavern to check, where Oliver is pausing. Taiana takes out the third man and gets the keys, discharging the detainees from their confines.

Arrow and Laurel eat at a Chinese eatery. She's enticed to take the D.A. work, with the goal that she can be a government operative in Ruve's internal circle. Arrow calls attention to that the D.A. has 24 hour security, in the event that she takes it she can't be The Black Canary any longer. He's happy she's The Black Canary and needs her to proceed.

Oliver and Diggle discover Thea honing an edge, still irate. Andy calls them, he's found Merlyn and a portion of his supporters in a production line.

Green Arrow, Spartan, and Speedy join Andy at the manufacturing plant. As they search for Merlyn, Green Arrow and Andy get isolated from the gathering and a booby trap sends bolts flying at them. Andy hops before The Green Arrow, taking a bolt to the shoulder.

Merlyn visits Darhk at Iron Heights, presenting to him the icon. They obviously have an arrangement that if Merlyn helps Darhk, Merlyn and Thea will be saved from Genesis. Darhk brings up that a piece is missing, and the symbol is in this way futile. He sends Merlyn to locate the missing piece.

Diggle watches out for Andy's shoulder. Andy is alarmed since he has been undermined. Diggle attempts to quiet Andy by uncovering that they expelled a piece from the symbol and that Dig himself concealed it. They are hindered by The Green Arrow, who prevents Dig from disclosing to Andy where the concealing spot is. Tree chooses to utilize her capacity as A.D.A. to have Darhk's cell looked. Green Arrow sends Thea and Diggle ahead while he runs down a lead and advises Andy to return home.

Taiana and Oliver keep on killing Reiter's men. They send the detainees to the pontoons, however Oliver needs to design a snare for Reiter.

Tree looks as Darhk's cell is looked. Darhk is quiet, realizing they won't discover anything. He enigmatically compromises Laurel, and blames Lance for having dementia. Tree's not scared.

In John's home, Andy look. The Green Arrow appears and blames Andy for searching for the missing stone. Andy demands that he's simply checking for bugs, however The Green Arrow doesn't trust him and assaults, harming Andy. Uncover shows and takes steps to shoot The Green Arrow. Green Arrow eases off, and Dig sends him away.

In the fortification, Dig and Oliver contend about Andy while Thea watches. Oliver simply doesn't figure Andy can return from what he was. Burrow accuses Oliver's conduct for his separation, blaming Oliver for being trapped. Thea attempts to comfort Oliver, when Laurel shows up. She didn't discover the icon. They watch the Iron Heights surveillance camera feed.

Murmur pushes a truck of books through the jail, giving books to a few detainees in their cells.

Oliver concedes he ought to have tuned in to Laurel about how to deal with Andy. She discloses to him that she is turning down the D.A. position so she can keep on being a piece of the group. Oliver reveals to her the group is self-destructing. He additionally reminds Laurel she was attempting to be D.A. until Sara passing changed her strategic. Presently that Sara isn't dead any longer, she ought to return to her old dream.

In Iron Heights, the cell entryways open. Murmur presents to Darhk the symbol, covered up on his book truck. The books he gave out had blades in them. The detainees revolt, cutting a few monitors and abducting others.

The group gets some answers concerning the mob in the dugout. Laurel sees her veil and says "One final time."

Arrow drives up to Iron Heights and causes a scene with the police, demanding seeing Pike. As Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary, and Speedy look on, Lance punches Pike, causing the interruption they have to get inside. Andy goes along with them, demanding substantiating himself. They split up.

Murmur and a few detainees connect with Black Canary and Speedy in a battle, while Spartan and Andy likewise battle with detainees. Merlyn discovers Speedy and Black Canary proceeds onward as father and daughter battle again.

Darhk knows the saints are in the jail. He arranges the prisoners murdered, yet Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary, and Andy all appear and start battling the detainees holding up with Darhk.

Still battling in the lobby, Merlyn pins Speedy against the bars of a cell. He says that the lost bloodlust is the reason she can't murder him, it harmed her to lose it. He flees.

Andy is abducted by a detainee. Darhk orders the group to drop their weapons, and they do. When The Green Arrow, Spartan, and Black Canary are caught, Andy is discharged. He hands Darhk the missing stone, having been working for H.I.V.E. the entire time. Darhk assembles the idol back, just to take two bolts in the middle, courtesy of Speedy.

The battle begins again as Darhk evacuates the bolts and holds his magical hands to the idol. There's insufficient blood, so Darhk takes shots at an injured prisoner on the ground and uses his blood to recover his otherworldly powers. He mysteriously gets all the team members, holding them set up.

Merlyn shows up simply at that point. Darhk uncovers that he knows all the hero's real identities. Not from Merlyn, but from Andy, who surrendered Spartan's identity as his sibling. From that point, Darhk had the option to figure out who the others were. He throws Spartan and Speedy away, they collide with a divider, before turning on Black Canary.

Green Arrow oversees himself to shoot a bolt at Darhk, yet Darhk gets the bolt and recovers Green Arrow. Darhk discloses to Black Canary to give her dad a message, and at that point cuts her with the bolt. Darhk, Merlyn, and Andy all get away.

Green Arrow lifts Black Canary up and takes her to the hospital. He finds a specialist who agrees to help, yet she sends Green Arrow away before he can be found.

As Oliver and Taiana set up explosives to trap Reiter in the cavern, she gets some information about the picture from his previous life that Oliver referenced before. Oliver gives her an image of Laurel, and says that before the island, Laurel was home to him. She requests that he go to Russia and mention to her family what befell her and Vlad in the event that she passes on. She also offers to do likewise with Laurel if Oliver doesn't endure.

In the cavern, Reiter and two of his men are with the idol when they hear the blast catching them. Reiter is uninterested, and executes his men, utilizing their blood to draw power from the idol.

At the police station, Lance is in a seat, bound to a work area. A female cop fills him in on Black Canary's injury, and he implores her to place him in contact with Pike. He'll let himself back in, however he needs to go now.

Oliver waits at the clinic as Dig, Thea, and Felicity appear. Thea uncovers that alongside Darhk, around fifty detainees got away. Diggle reprimands himself for trusting Andy and can't forgive himself. The posse looks as Laurel is wheeled into a room, a similar Doctor from the jail reveals to them that she will be alright and is requesting them. In her medical clinic room, Laurel gets some information about Darhk, however they all urge her to rest. She disclosed to them that she had moved toward it being her last night as The Black Canary, yet adjusted her perspective. Battling with them is the thing that causes her to feel alive. Felicity, Thea, and Dig all disclose to Laurel that they love her and leave her with Oliver.

Laurel advises Oliver to rest as well, however he won't leave. She requests that he bring something from her pocket. It is the same picture of her that Oliver carried on Lian Yu. She needs Oliver to discover his way back to Felicity, and discloses to him that she realizes she isn't the affection for his life, however he was consistently the adoration for hers. She approaches Oliver for some help.

Thea advises the team she conversed with Lance and he is on his way, when Laurel begins dying. The posse follows the specialists into Laurel's room, where she is having a seizure. They join Oliver and watch weakly as Laurel is given CPR, however it is nothing but bad. Her heart stops. The specialist calls the time of death, 11:59.

The entire team cries as Oliver strolls into the lobby, shocked. Lance hustles a few doors down, however one glance at Oliver's face and he knows. Lance sinks to the ground as the two men gaze at one another, crying.


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  • Despite an official synopsis referring to Felicity talking to Curtis, this never occurs, nor does the latter even appear.
  • During an attempted resuscitation on Laurel, the medical staff deliver cardiac stimulation via a defibrillator and apply conductive patches, as is standard practice. However, they place the patches on top of Laurel's hospital gown instead of directly on her skin; this would interfere with the delivery of the electrical current, potentially causing her gown to melt or catch fire as a result.
  • In the scene where Laurel goes into cardiac arrest, the medical staff are seen working on her resuscitation for barely 60 seconds before declaring her deceased. That amount of time is far too short to give up on resuscitation.
  • When Dr. Schwartz gives the time of death for Laurel, she only says 11:59 without saying PM. Regardless, time of death is given in 24h time, which would put Laurel's death at 23:59.




Preparation ran from February 2 until February 11, 2016. Shooting ran from February 12 until February 23, 2016.[1]