"She was the first girl that I knew that I liked in a way that was... different."
Maggie Sawyer on Elisa Wilkey[src]

Elisa Wilkey is the former classmate, ex-best friend, and first crush of Maggie Sawyer.


Elisa was born and raised in Blue Springs, Nebraska.[1] At some point, she befriended Maggie Sawyer. The two would often hang out together in Elisa's basement, watching horror movies and smoking cigarettes.

Maggie eventually developed feelings for Elisa when they were 14. On Valentine's Day, she put a card in Elisa's locker, confessing her feelings and asking her friend to the school dance. However, Elisa didn't return these affections and went as far as to show the card to her parents, who called Maggie's parents and outed her, resulting in the latter being kicked out. Maggie and Elisa's friendship subsequently fell apart.[2]



Season 2

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  • Elisa is heavily implied to have been a homophobe like Maggie's parents.


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