Dr. Eliza Danvers is a bio-engineer, the wife of Jeremiah Danvers, the mother of Alex Danvers and the adoptive mother of Kara Danvers.


Early life

Eliza Danvers was a brilliant scientist living with her husband, Jeremiah Danvers, in the small town of Midvale. In 1989,[1][2] they had a daughter, Alex Danvers.

At some point, Eliza and Jeremiah became acquainted with Superman, whom they helped to understand his own abilities.[3]

Taking in Kara

Danvers family

Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers welcome Kara into their family.

In 2003, Superman discovered that his cousin, Kara Zor-El, had arrived on Earth. Eliza and her husband took Kara in and raised her as their own daughter.[3]

Eliza would take Kara swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.[4]

Losing Jeremiah

One night on the balcony, Eliza asked Jeremiah to keep her company while she wrote her dissertation. Later, caught Kara and Alex sneaking back in the house after the two went flying. Eliza and Jeremiah lectured the girls on the dangers of potentially exposing Kara's powers, with Eliza coming down particularly hard on Alex, as she was supposed to have known After hearing a knock on their door, Eliza and Jeremiah sent the girls to their rooms. Upon answering the door, the couple were introduced to Hank Henshaw of the D.E.O., who wanted to study Kara, as Superman refused to cooperate with them. However, Jeremiah offered to work for the organization and provide it with all of his research instead. Jeremiah later died working for the organization, and she told Kara and Alex that he died in a plane crash.[1]

Visiting National City

Eliza later visited National City for Thanksgiving, blaming Alex for not stopping Kara from revealing her superpowers. At a Thanksgiving dinner, Eliza commented on Alex's wine consumption, and later became outraged when Alex revealed to her that she worked for the D.E.O..
Eliza and Alex

Mother-daughter speech.

After several blackouts caused by Livewire, Eliza had a heart-to-heart with Alex, revealing why she was so tough on her in comparison to the way she was with Kara. The next day before she left, Eliza told both Alex and Kara that she was proud of them, though she told Kara that there was room for improvement as Supergirl. She then revealed to them that Jeremiah had died working for the D.E.O. under Hank Henshaw, and not in a plane crash as they had been told.[1]


After they have become fugitives, Alex and J'onn come to Eliza's house and learn about what is happening in National City. After that, Alex and J'onn went back there to help Kara, however, Non managed to put her under the control of Myriad, forcing her to fight Kara with the intention to kill her.[5]
Alex told her mother that her father is alive

Alex told her mother that her father is alive.

Alex almost did it, but was stopped by her mother (who was taken in the city by J'onn) who told her that she believed in her, snapping her out of the mind control.

Later, Alex told her mother that her father is alive and is in a secret laboratory named Cadmus, where they intend go to save him. After Supergirl saved the Earth, Eliza was present at Kara's apartment during the celebratory dinner they were having. However it was interrupted by a pod flying in the sky catching their attention, causing Kara and J'onn to leave to check it out.[6]

Medusa virus

Kara prepares to toast at Thanksgiving

Eliza spends Thanksgiving with her daughters and their friends.

Eliza returned to National City to celebrate Thanksgiving with her daughters and Kara introduced her to Mon-El, who immediately tries to get close to her. When Kara expressed confusion over his behavior, Eliza explained that Mon-El was trying to gain her approval to be with Kara. Over dinner, a mysterious portal opened in the apartment.

After Mon-El contracted the Medusa virus at Al's Dive Bar, Eliza examined him at the D.E.O.. Eliza informed the Superfriends that despite Mon-El's condition being stable, he was infected, and that the virus is not transmitted between organisms. She also revealed that the protein structure of the virus indicates that it originated from Krypton, and Mon-El is able to fight the virus off longer because his Daxamite physiology is similar to that of Kryptonians. However, if they didn't find a cure soon, the virus will eventually kill him.
Alex comes out to Eliza

Alex comes out to Eliza.

Kara later gave Eliza a crystal from the Fortress of Solitude containing information about the Medusa Virus. Eliza and Alex began working to develop a cure to save Mon-El.

As they worked, Alex tried to come out as a lesbian to Eliza, but the latter revealed she already knew due to how Alex talked about Maggie Sawyer, who later became her girlfriend. Alex admitted she was afraid of disappointing her mother, but Eliza assured her daughter that she could never disappoint her, and embraced Alex.

The next day, Eliza used an isotope of the defunct Medusa Virus to create a cure, saving Mon-El's life. She also used the cure to cleanse the White Martian blood cells from J'onn's blood, returning him to his normal Green Martian form.[7]

Jeremiah's return

After Jeremiah was apparently rescued from Cadmus, Eliza was informed and came to National City to reunite with her husband. At Kara's apartment, Eliza organized a family celebration dinner. When they were alone, Eliza admitted to Jeremiah that although she still loved him and was happy for his return, she felt like she didn't know him anymore and she would need some time before adjusting to having him back in her life. Later, after Jeremiah betrayed the D.E.O., Alex informed Eliza personally.[8]

Wedding shower

When Alex and Maggie were preparing for their wedding, Eliza went to National City to plan their bridal shower. At dinner that night, Eliza noticed that Maggie didn't have pictures of herself as a teenager. Maggie revealed her parents kicked her out after she came out as gay and Eliza comforted her. The next day, she attended Alex and Maggie's shower.[9]

Visit from her children

After Alex and Maggie broke up, Eliza was visited by her daughters in Midvale as per Kara's suggestion that she and Alex take a break from home. Eliza went to Kara and told her that Alex was going to be a mess for a while and Kara would still be a mess for a while herself after her separation from Mon-El. Kara told her that she was doing better but Eliza told her that she didn't have to be doing better and she was allowed to be a mess. However, Kara told her that too many people depended on her for her to be allowed to be a mess but Eliza told her that was a convenient excuse.

After the reflected on their past and old friend, Kenny Li, Eliza found her daughters a touch happier. When Alex and Kara prepared to return to National City, Eliza packed them food and bid her daughters a loving goodbye.[10]

Meeting Nia Nal

The next year, Eliza returned to National City for Thanksgiving and met Kara's friend and coworker, Nia Nal. Upon learning from Kara about Nia's narcolepsy, Eliza offered to get Nia in touch with her friend, Dr. Mosier, who specialized in sleep disorders. However, Nia claimed she already had a doctor named "Minsky Smith". Over a Thanksgiving meal, group discussed James Olsen and Lena Luthor's different methods to dealing with the recently-rampant Children of Liberty. They realized the organization were using sniffer dogs to mark homes housing alien residents with an invisible marker.

The next day, Eliza left National City to speak at a conference about her studies on the regressive hereditary traits of inter-terrestrial children.[11]


Eliza is kind, caring, selfless, compassionate, intelligent, she has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, she is also one of the few humans who does not have an anti-view on aliens in general; as evidenced by the fact that Eliza raised Kara Danvers as her own daughter, despite the latter not being human.

Due to the fact that Eliza's husband Jeremiah Danvers was forced to work for the D.E.O., in order to prevent Hank Henshaw from taking Kara away, in attempt to use the latter and abuser as their own weapon, she does not trust the government in general.




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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Kara's adoptive mother was named Edna Danvers in the Silver Age, before the later, more recent version was renamed Sylvia Danvers.
    • Eliza Danvers, an in-part original character specifically created for the show, was incorporated into the DC comic book universe, first appearing along with Supergirl in Superman/Wonder Woman #29 (July, 2016). Starting with Supergirl: Rebirth (October, 2016), she along with her husband, are introduced as agents of the D.E.O. and the adoptive parents of a teenage Kara Danvers.
  • Helen Slater previously portrayed Supergirl in the 1984 film of the same name. She also previously portrayed Clark Kent's biological mother, Lara, in the television show Smallville.


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